Case in point: Circumstances can change. Accidents can happen. And most of all, we can use our own free will to go in a different direction. So no, nothing is written in stone.You can change a future foretold. Never give anyone else the power to dictate your own future, no matter who they are.

While Mom and I were watching “Perfect Match” last night, Dad entered the room—and with a sudden burst of exaltation, he told us what the astrologer on TV foretold for 2011. Most specially, he highlighted the prediction for his sign: Aries, year of the sheep. He said 2011 is a positive year for this moon sign; hard work and ability to react to situations on time will be the guiding spirit for progress this year.

With his rising suggestion, I remembered my encounter with Robert Valencia. About four years ago, I met with this person. He’s a Vedic astrologer whom we contacted through paranormal expert Jaime Licauco. Why? I’ve always been interested with just how astrologers see flashes and foretell instances of the future whether it be for a specific person, group or organization, country or the world. So I thought I wanted to give it a try myself.

Robert asked for my complete name, birth date, birth place and exact birth time and printed my birth chart prior the date of our meeting. From there, he made his analysis and arranged a discussion with us.

Our meeting lasted for two hours. Without knowing me personally, he has been able to describe me extensively. He gave suggestions on how to go about in my tracks and decisions in life. Seeing my inner character and nature, he provided me with hints of things to watch out for—with respective date ranges—and advice on career and relationships with other people.

While listening intently to his words, I took some notes down on paper. Here are some of his general insights. For those who know me well, you can compare the real me versus the me which he has seen through the birth chart reading here during your idle time.

  • You are fond of art and literature, great in conversation, modest, quite discriminative, economical, prudent, practical, active and methodical with good mental abilities.
  • You have knowledge of many subjects, a great sense of justice and many good friends.
  • You have much strong power to influence people.
  • You are very adaptable and capable of sudden changes to meet the needs and demands of circumstances. However this trait may make you appear to be a ‘difficult to understand’ person.
  • You generally have a small family and many have frequent changes of residence.
  • You undertake many long and short journeys but will remain accident-prone.
  • Sometimes you will be shy and timid and may lack self confidence. You will need to be alert and cautious of powerful enemies. You will have generally harsh relation with others, no good relations with the members of the family but a very happy relationship with your spouse.
  • The areas like business or work connected with earth products, software engineering, finance, banking, literature and art will suit you very well. However due to your inherent adaptability you will do very well in many other areas that demand intellectual acumen. Ailments like worms in intestine, dysentery, diarrhea, constipation, malnutrition and nervous weakness will be quite common.
  • You have a calm nature. There is a peculiarity while you’re smiling; your smile has the magnetic power to attract others. This inherent quality produces a vibration on others and it becomes difficult to leave the native once such acquaintance takes place. You can easily get respect and honor from the public. You are always in readiness to help the needy for nothing in return. You don’t like to deceive others even if it costs your life. In spite of this good quality, the reward you get in return is nothing but criticism and opposition. You do not believe in a posh living.
  • Your life is full of frequent ups and down. At one moment you rise to the top and another moment you fall to the bottom whether in professional field or in the mental world. In other words, luckiness and unluckiness comes without intimation.
  • In the work field, you keep strict discipline.
  • You possess excellent all-round knowledge. You are a good adviser as you have the capacity to intervene and settle various disputed matters. Lot of responsibilities will have to be undertaken before you can climb one step of ladder of success.
  • Period up to the 30th years of age will bring in unexpected circumstantial changes both in the family front as well as in the academic and professional or business field. Period between 30 to 42 years of age will be the golden period, when you can settle down in life. If you live beyond 64 years of age, there will be remarkable accumulation of wealth and all-round success in the business field.
  • You can enjoy a happy married life. Your husband will be wealthy and loving. You can enjoy good benefits from your children. First will be a son and followed by two daughters.

As I write this, I know that the future is uncertain and we aren’t sure what’s to happen. I don’t totally believe in the stuff written above plus the other things he mentioned not posted here; I just want them to stay as my guide at times when I feel I’m not in tune with the universe or live in the kind of world where I can only do things that I want to do. As well, I don’t subscribe to the view that I should just wander aimlessly and follow my bliss.

Life is in constant flux, and stuff that happen within seconds, minutes, or days could greatly affect a fragile psyche, long term.

We have our destiny. I’m not even sure if we can change it (as we never be safe from the scorching sun, the heavy downpour or the dreadful snarls of the fashion police).

But this thing is for sure: we can direct it. Serendipity is everywhere. If we recognize that joy can be found by those taking the time to experience life rather than just charging selfishly through it, we will come to understand serendipity.

Miracles are impossible, yet the impossible often happens when the human mind refuses to accept that something can’t be achieved. Miracles will only cease to exist when we stop believing in them.


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  2. Bridgett Yuen

    What exactly is a horoscope? You have to understand that is basically where the stars and planets are positioned in certain time frames. You will find that many of astrologers will make a chart and it will stay a lot about who you are and why you are who you are. As for the horoscope chart, you will find that the wheel is separated into twelve parts and it has many symbols drawn on it to represent things like the planets and the stars. You will also find that there are many horoscope signs, but each one is unique in its own way.


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