Before anything else, I’d like to give my words of appreciation to my concerned friends and relatives who are never tired of asking how I am coping up with working and living here. To all: I’m safe and fine, thank you very much! 😀

Yesterday I went to Orchard to open a savings account with DBS/POSB. I saw posters everywhere promoting the Fashion Season@Orchard (FSO) event happening next week. And in most malls, there were 50% to 70% cut-off prices and discounts because of the end-of-season sale (Spring).

So, although I wasn’t buying any piece as my budget proscribes, I roved around in three hours to see the designs of the new arrivals, the next season’s collection. Not that I’m really into fashion; I just think that a new fashion season always brings a thrill of anticipation, a frisson of excitement. It’s exciting to see firsthand in the stores rather than in magazines what this fashion capital is sending out to tickle people’s sartorial fancy and tempt them into credit card meltdown. Which pieces will be hits—and which will be unequivocal duds?

It’s a tough call. To my eyes, the way we dress is undergoing a huge paradigm shift. Silhouettes have morphed, and we’re not just talking about clothes. It’s also a season dominated by shoes, with heels and embellishment anchoring our strides; and a cornucopia of statement accessories not seen since the 1980s or 60’s. (I have seen a store selling clothing all inspired by the sixties, in fact.)

In whatever season, it all boils down to how we stay in trend without looking too trendy (read: fashion victim). Even classic dressers find the siren call of this season’s key looks tempting. Why?

Two points: The flirty girl of Spring/Summer has blossomed into a “glamazon” who’s not afraid of showing her softer (and yes, girlier) side, and women here really have a massive pack of confidence in their pairs of killer heels when I don’t.

Perhaps in their mind, they think alike: In these times of global uncertainty, we could use a little confidence, no matter how frivolously we get it. My mojo, on the other hand, is just a pair of comfy, rain/shine, conquer-the-world shoes, mascara (maybe eyeliner) and sweet, cherry lip balm.

Want to hear about how my workweek went? I thought you’d never ask. In no particular order:

  1. The company treated us newbies to lunch last Wednesday.
  2. I got my employment pass card from EPSC, Havelock Road last Tuesday.
  3. I met the clients for the first time last Wednesday and I’ll be going to meet them once again on Monday to deliver the next set of project deliverables for testing before deployment.
  4. I…did another demo presentation, studied and read the project documentation, aligned the testing plan and submission of deliverables schedule to the developers, generated the first batch of performance reports (summary and breakdown view), tested the system according to the marking logic forms, updated the master matrix file for the assessment and consolidated incident reports.

Oh, what I’m experiencing is life in the fast lane; it zooms by and sometimes while at work I forget to breathe. Thank God, I’m deeply preoccupied.

Still, I should remind myself to take a minute to pause and listen to the pitter-patter of my heart beating and my pulse racing; taste the silence of the world; see anxiety take over; close my eyes and look at plain darkness; look at darkness until I see something worth holding onto; and wait until breathing doesn’t feel like a losing game and then open my eyes, again.


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