Camping and fishing go hand in hand. There seems to always be a body of water nearby where you can throw a line and hopefully add some excitement to your camping trip. Nothing beats the feeling of bringing a fresh fish back to the tent to throw on the grill that you caught yourself. Or, if you are not a fish eater, then catch and release is equally exciting.

What if you don’t know how to fish, though? Fishing is not as hard as it seems to be. With the right preparation, you can catch yourself a fish and really add to the camping experience. Here are some tips to get the most out of your fishing trip.

Camping and Fishing: Some Tips to Catch the Big One

Know your gear

There are so many types of fish and each has a special rod and gear that make it easier to catch. Did you know there are four types of fishing line? There are also different sized rods that are suited for various types of fishing. Familiarize yourself with some of the fishing gear that is needed and you will make your life easier.

Know the fish in the area

To maximize your chances of catching a fish, you need to know what is out there. This way you can bring along the correct gear for that type of species. For instance, when we went to Calaguas Island there are abundant grouper, dorado, and billfish, just to name a few. Knowing that means we could have brought along specialized rods and the right type of bait to fish for them.

Bait vs lures

When you know the fish you wish to catch, you then need to know if you are better off with bait or lures. Some fish are easily tricked and using a lure is the best bet. Trout fishing, for instance, is best when using small shiny lures called spoons. Whereas fishing for grouper is best done with cut up fish as bait. If you are squeamish about putting bait on a hook, then try using some plastic bait that looks like the real thing.

Know the local fishing laws

There is a matter of permits that needs to be considered when you decide to fish. This is especially true when freshwater fishing. Getting caught fishing without a license can result in serious fines. Make sure to look online for your area that you plan to fish to understand what is required before going.

Be patient

Fishing can take quite a while. Make sure you are not going out with the expectation to catch a fish as the only fun part. You have to make a day out of it or you are doomed to come home empty handed. If you only go for an hour and then lose patience, then fishing is not for you! Try to enjoy the whole process. Just being out on the water with some friends or family is reward enough as it is.


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