In advanced celebration of Christmas, the Network and Software Development and Implementation teams of our company had a casual dinner at the Korean Village in Nakpil Street, Malate, Manila.

Everyone had to contribute PHp 400 for the Christmas buffet. The dinner consisted of extensive Korean dishes.

Everything was good but nothing deserved special attention.

Christmas Party Program

I was originally asked to lead the prayer but was instructed later to host the program. I did not see it coming but without hesitation, I took on the role to get the actual party started.

We began drawing raffle numbers and giving away Starbucks PHp 100 woth of gift certificates to individual winners. Next, we asked two volunteers (in pair) from each team to play Pinoy Henyo. Words related to Christmas had to be guessed: Bethlehem, Christmas caroling and castañas (chestnuts).

The second game was what I call “Pass the Calamansi,” where four players in a team should hold a spoon containing a calamansi with their mouths. They had to walk around a chair before passing on the spoon to their teammate. When everyone in the team has finished their part, they must shout “Merry Christmas” at the same time.

The third game was one especially arranged for the boys who were up to the challenge of drinking a bottle of beer. Eight guys competed for the PHp 200 worth of Starbucks GCs. They had to gulp the beer as fast as they can.

Later, because of the crowd’s cheers, the drinking battle was upgraded to challenge the best of two, where two guys had to drink three bottles of beer consecutively. Cementing their ability to stir up a coveting crowd, the contenders sportingly continued to drink even if they were already tad tipsy. The winner got PHp 2000 as his cash prize, while the other won PHp 1000. Still, it wasn’t not bad!

After the major raffle prizes were given, the heads of the department concluded the last agenda of the program by sharing a few words of thanks and encouragement.

As a whole, the night was not very elaborately planned. Nonetheless, we finished off happily with great food, fun games, raffle draws, karaoke-singing and small chit-chats among guests.

This was my first Christmas party this year and was my first Christmas celebration with my SM workmates. I still have about five to attend to with colleagues, friends and family in the upcoming days ahead.

There are only 15 days to go before Christmas! Have you started your countdown yet? 🙂


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