Summer is coming, and you need a change – your hair is always the first guinea pig, and a salon visit is always in order. Whether you want to try a loud, rebellious color or want to have long hair without the wait, you may consider getting hair extensions. However, it is better to go big or go home: make sure that you only get the best quality hair extensions to get a truly gorgeous new look.

How to Find the Best Quality Hair Extensions

Hair Type

Remember that hair extensions will come in various types, including lengths, quality, and shades. Human hair extensions are said to be the best type of hair extension available, as it is naturally-sourced and cut in the same direction, so it blends evenly with your natural hair. Real hair extensions can be styled and washed normally as well.
You may also choose to use synthetic hair extensions, although they do not style as well as real hair. They are also not heat-friendly and have a silicone coating on them that gives them that initial shine when they are put in your hair. This coating will fade and will look dull.

Look for Shedding

When you choose high-quality hair extensions, you’ll find that the weave does not shed even with frequent washing and styling. Before the extensions go into your hair, make sure to run your fingers through the hair – if you find that more than a few strands come out, skip it. You do not have to worry about finding Russian hair extensions in Australian salons if you can verify that the hair is high-quality.

Plenty of Hair

While you are ensuring that your hair extensions do not shed, also make sure that it is the same thickness throughout. From top to bottom, there should be no gaps in the hair or at the weft or clips. If there are any doubts, hold it up to the light to check for even minimal gaps in the extension.

Perfect Match

After you’ve verified the quality of hair extensions, remember they also have to blend well with the rest of your hair. The extensions should match your current or desired hair color, and most high-quality salons and sellers will have hair in a variety of colors to help it match perfectly with your natural hair.

After Care

Make sure to speak with your stylist extensively about caring for your hair extensions. However, if you end up with high-quality real hair extensions, there is minimal effort other than what you currently do with your natural hair. It needs to be brushed regularly to avoid damage or tangling, it should be worn up at night, and you should use only the best quality, natural products to preserve the life of your hair extensions.

Even though you shouldn’t leave your hair extensions on for anything past 10 to 12 weeks, you should invest in them and make sure they are as natural as possible. From clip-ins to larger and more permanent extensions, always be sure that you are getting the best quality hair for your overall look.


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  1. Joy Butler

    It’s so awesome that I stumbled upon your post because my sister and I are planning to have hair extensions. It’s my daughter’s request that we should wear long hair for her wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime big event of her life, so why not? I will share this article with my sister and discuss it as well.


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