My life here has really started to be relatively routine:

Wake up as early as my body wills, after a night of interrupted sleep thanks to tiredness
Eat a quick breakfast, chug down milk tea or milk
Board two trains, hiss at some people pushing their way in
Board a bus then cover my nose because of [I’d prefer not to mention it, haha]
Walk a few minutes to the office
Read e-mails, follow up the delivery of the system and updates of items to keep up with our time plan
Have lunch and casual conversations with my team mates
Work, work, work
Go home, walk the added crazy crossing from the MRT station to our condo
Prepare and have dinner
Achieve my presence in social media

In between these usual moments, I thought the world is moving all the time. It is only during weekends when I have the time to stop. And feel it. This weekend, I have embraced it. I just wished my loved ones were with me. Aww…

Since my second week here, we have been planning to go to Sentosa. It was only this weekend that we finally landed to this one of the most fascinating tourist attraction in Singapore. From Sentosa Station, we boarded the express monorail to the other three spots/stops: Waterfront, Imbiah and Beach stations.

Sentosa Island is fairly small, but even if each station is just walking distance to the next, exploring the island for five hours was tiring (or maybe it was just because I was not wearing sneakers). We took pictures mostly on the outside of Resorts World and Universal Studios, walked to the gigantic Merlion statue, visited The Luge, Tiger Sky Tower, the Images of Singapore museum and took a tram to tour around the man-made beaches.

The place was packed with many other foreigners and locals alike who entered Universal Studios, watched The Songs of the Seas, dined in fancy restaurants, spent cash and hours in the casino, stayed in exclusive five-star hotels and pulled off other activities I find to be luxurious. I only have the luxury of time but am happy nonetheless. It was a cheap thrill, after all; all it took me, cost-wise, was three dollars for the round trip.

During this roundabout (as I call it) and my many other explorations, I’ve come to a conclusion that people nowadays are considering luxury to be something very legit.

People in this generation know how to work hard to earn more than enough to spend for their leisure travels and adventures. I know from the stories of my parents that people back then had more meager resources and spending power was not as potent as the now.

These days, everyone wants their own story of extravagance, like traveling around the world, shopping like there’s no limit to money or purchasing items that must have been transformed from purveyors of fine goods to top notch services that make even the wealthiest elites feel more pampered and unique or simply owning a luxurious logo-infested piece that will be counterfeited to death.

As we increasingly urbanize, luxury has become a necessity, a way of indulging and rewarding ourselves for our daily grind. Agree? Already, as more people lust after and buy up and into luxury merchandise, luxury brands are already redefining the “L” word.

In sum, the proverb may indeed be true: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” In our busy workdays, we should indulge for spending for a little luxury from time to time. In my books, it’s the least one can do. Else, get prepared to get “siaw (translation: crazy)!”



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  1. Pink MagaLine

    Nice story dear but where are the Sentosa photos? :/ I was kind of hoping to see a photo story too. Maybe next time? 🙂

  2. jennyL

    With the looks of it, you had a great time at Sentosa Island. Been there too with my family last year and hope we can come back too.. Likewise, hoping to see some Sentosa photos sayang…hehe ,,,

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      I have about three albums full of Sentosa photos since I’ve been there 3-4 times already during my stay in Singapore. Haha add me as a friend and you can see them. 🙂

  3. Franc Ramon

    People know do work hard and play hard and travel has been a luxury enjoyed by more people. I enjoyed my first visit in Universal though my first visit in Sentosa was when there was still no Universal Studios.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      So that was over four years from now. There’s a lot of changes (marvelous ones) worth seeing. I think you will get to enjoy better next time. 😀

  4. Jonathan Diesta

    Sentosa Island is one of the best tourist spots in Singapore because the mode of transportation here is different where people use cable cars to reach the place as well with Universal Studios and Botanical Gardens

  5. Ellen Bernardino

    I also had a great time in Sentosa when I visited Singapore, it was a little bit rainy during the time I was there I had a great time trying their Skyride and Luge. Nice place to visit again and again.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Haha it always rains in Singapore, especially after sunset. So you better be ready to bring umbrella or raincoat to protect yourself and not get home wet or wasted. 😛


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