Time flies fast! Our wedding day is lurking on just the next page of the calendar. Now is the perfect time to share with you our save the date pre-wedding teaser. 🙂 The video shoot by Photogenics Studios took place in the top three locations we chose in Subic: El Kabayo Stables, Subic Bay Yacht Club, and Morong Beach. We had been having discussions and advance planning sessions with our videographers months before. I’m really happy that everything turned out well and even better than we imagined. My sister took behind-the-scenes photos using my camera for documentation.

Louie and Roch: Save the Date Pre-wedding Video Shoot in Subic Bay, Olongapo City

The Video

The Video Team

With tons of experience in shooting engaged couples, Photogenics Studios is composed of pros who are seasoned experts when it comes to capturing great moments in action in the best places particularly around Subic and Olongapo. They are not only knowledgeable in the city’s prettiest spots, but they also know pertinent information, like the best way to access each location and the poses that work best in every spot. Together with Photogenics, we worked with our vision in making sure that our unique story and personalities shine through the prenup video seamlessly.

Wushu choreography was arranged by my wushu master and one of our primary sponsors for the wedding, Shifu Arnold Buenivaje of Philippine Mingsheng Wenyang Sports Association. We had an hour of training to finish and accomplish the double broadswords form for the shoot.

The Styling Team

Wardrobe styling was done in collaboration with Styling by Melangé. Louie and I got three outfits each complete with props and accessories. Sizes, colors and design concepts of our costumes were planned out a week before the shoot. We were asked to send pictures of our pegs. Styling by Melangé team gave us advice, managed the rest of the details, and provided us with more options that exceeded our expectations. Everything was well taken care of, which saved us the hassle of worrying about which clothes to wear or thinking about what goes well with this and that. We just had to bring our own shoes. Loved their service overall!

The Hair and Makeup Team

My supportive and loving sister did my hairstyle early in the morning for the first part of our video shoot. I did my makeup myself and my mom handled the other necessary preparations. In the afternoon, Jaja Flores’ team came to get my hair and makeup done. We aimed for both an elegant and natural style. Jaja, the makeup artist, and Jamela, the hair stylist, helped create two looks that ensured the feeling of confidence for the rest of the day.

Top 3 Locations in Subic for the Pre-wedding Video Shoot

El Kabayo Stables

At El Kabayo Stables, the main features that enhance the ambiance are the majestic trees amid beautiful grounded dotted with flowering plants, quaint stables surrounded by the rainforest, horses grazing in the background, and the rustic elegance of a white clubhouse. This is a great venue for engagement photoshoots, prenuptial videos, anniversaries, weddings, and many more. We stayed here for four hours.

Address: El Kabayo Road, Binictican, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
Contact nos: (047) 2521050 / 09989647895 / (6347) 2521050 / 2528494

Subic Bay Yacht Club

We rented a moving yacht from Subic Bay Yacht Club and enjoyed the sea breeze while doing the prenuptial shoot. It was too sunny and windy though, so keeping my hair tamed and presentable and my eyes properly open were quite a challenge. In any case, Subic Bay Yacht Club is a paradise with safe harbors and pristine flat waters. Among tourists, it’s a vacation destination with elegant design. The yacht was huge. The video team and my family went on board for a short cruise. The experience was fantastic!

Address: Rizal Highway Corner Burgos St Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Rizal Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic Bay
Contact number: (047) 4990695

Morong Beach

Morong Beach lies on the Southern side of Subic. We took the SBMA route since it’s the fastest way to get there. We caught the sunset and were upbeat to give our best to create some romantic and cheesy scenes. Luckily, it did not rain that day. We proceeded as planned and the result was an amazing story of triumph for the whole team. 🙂

I love outdoor locations and natural light. All these three places won our hearts easily as we were surrounded with the beauty of nature. We’re very excited and we look forward to see the full version of the pre-wedding video that will be presented during our wedding reception on our big day. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed efforts in making the teaser! Our official wedding day hashtag is #RochChoosesLouie2017.

Our prenup wedding video by Photogenics Studios
Date Published: 02/08/2017


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54 Responses

  1. Katie Kinsley

    Aww, what a perfect way to catch your love than to make a video! I’ve never thought about doing a save the date video before or even seen it on Pinterest. I always thought video would be saved for the final wedding day events. My husband and I never even did a real photoshoot for our engagement announcement!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      This is the trend nowadays. 🙂 Engaged couples create this kind of video as it’s a fun, shareable way to spread the exciting news with friends and family. Plus, it’s something you can watch for years to come.

      • OurFamilyWorld

        I agree and I wish we had done this when my husband and I were preparing for our wedding. We only have our wedding video to look back on.

      • Rochkirstin Santos

        Save the date videos are fairly new. Almost every couple we know has this already. It creates tons of excitement and romantic vibe to the couple and the couple’s friends. 🙂

  2. Cacinda

    Wow, this video was so beautifully done! Something that will be treasured for years to come. Great choice on the location as well, love it.

  3. censie

    What an amazing set up. We got married almost 15 years ago…we did nothing like this but man I wish we did. What an incredible way to remember that special day.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thanks, Censie! I’m so glad it came out wonderfully. There’s more to watch out for in the full version though. Weddings today more than ever are incorporating and including technology—wedding apps, wedding sites, etc. Rather than just a personalized card, having a video save-the-date is a more interactive way to build excitement for the guests. 😉

  4. Mommy Hates Cooking

    Okay, this is so cool! I’ve never seen anyone do a Save the Date video before. Such a great idea and way of capturing both of your personalities. I love how your family was involved in the process, too.

  5. Cacinda

    What a beautiful production! It looks like you guys had a great time shooting the video.

  6. Tiffany

    What a beautiful experience!! I’ve never seen something this unique. It seems like video has taken over and I absolutely adore it!

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is such a fantastic idea. Morong Beach looks like a beautiful place for photos.

  8. Jasmine

    Wow what a beautiful location to shoot! I never had a wedding so I love to see how others celebrate and decorate for their big day! You’ve definitely got the whole package ready to go!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      I’m a big fan of organization and planning ahead. 🙂 We did several researches and reviews of the best prewedding locations outside of Manila. These three are among our top choices.

  9. Tami Qualls

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. It looks like it took lots of preparation to get this video shoot in. It will be worth it years later when you want to go down memory lane.

    • Roch

      Thanks, Tami! We really took quite some time to book the best videographers to capture prewedding and wedding scenes. I think we made the right choice. 🙂

  10. My Teen Guide

    Your theme is exciting. I wish you all the happiness. The pictures turned out great!

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Blogging about our prewedding video is also a way for me to remember about it in the future as we walk down memory lane. I have a bad habit of forgetting the small details and I certainly don’t want to forget these precious moments. 🙂

  11. HilLesha

    First of all, congratulations on the upcoming wedding! You must be so excited. By the way, these pictures are so beautiful! 🙂

  12. Lisa Heath

    What an incredible idea! I love all the shots you got and would love to see the full video when it’s done!

  13. Gabriel

    Swords and drones, that’s my kind of announcement! Might have to do this to renew our vows.

  14. Lynndee

    What an exciting and fabulous idea! And the places you’ve chosen for the video are beautiful. Congratulations in advance! 🙂

  15. Maria Han

    Wow! This is absolutely a good set up! I really love the ideas and the view was so amazing. I would love to go there

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thanks, Maria! The beauty of the views were further magnified with the aerial video shots. 😀 Drone aerial photography allows you to capture landmark footage, minus the Hollywood effects.

  16. Victoria Heckstall

    Wow. Amazing concept and lovely couple. The places our very beautiful, I wish to visit any of it soon.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thanks, Victoria. These are just some of the go-to places in Subic that most engaged couples choose to shoot at for their prewedding videos and photos. I’m glad you liked them all. 🙂

  17. Rissa Quing

    Hello can we ask how much po un rent s yatch s subic like non s inyo for pre nup? Thanks


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