In every bridal fair we attended, we have seen all sorts of wedding vendors but none of them had presented or offered wedding shoes. So I wonder, why is that? Faced with numerous styles of wedding gowns and suits for the groom’s attire, the challenge is to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes to match our outfits. Nowadays, traditional wedding shoes are so passé. Some brides even consider wearing trendy sneakers, ballerinas, flip flops or flat slippers (with rhinestones, jewels, and Swarovski crystals), etc. instead of pumps, stilettos, and slingbacks.

The sheer variety, including textures, colors, patterns, and accessories is overwhelming. Is it style, comfort, or both that we should be looking for? I thought it over and came up with my own top five criteria in choosing the perfect pair of bridal shoes for my wedding. 🙂 You may want to reflect and consider the following for your big day as well.

My Top 5 Criteria in Choosing the Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes

1. Re-wearable after the wedding day

I’m all about being practical. Getting a beautiful pair of shoes only to wear it once on my wedding day does not seem sound. The design and color must go with a ton of stuff in my wardrobe, so I will be able to wear them on other occasions without looking too formal or too dolled up. It should be easy to wear without sacrificing glamour, style, or elegance.

2. Doesn’t have to be boring

Though we are progressing towards modernity and go along with much bolder options, most wedding dresses accepted as “decent” are still in the shades of white, cream, beige, and ivory. Bridal gown designers just have to be more creative to make cuts and silhouettes that make a statement.

Hunting for wedding shoes, on the other hand, is where we can really get to play. Colors such as purple, red, and blue will look trendy and fashionable; animal imitation prints like zebra or snake will look attractive; and floral prints will add to the feminine grace of the outfit. The point is that exploring these vibrant selections can be easily part of the fun. 🙂

3. Fit in nicely with the wedding dress

Last weekend, I took the time to try on some wedding gowns to have an idea on the length and tail that will make me feel like a queen. 😛 After fitting, I just realized that the height of the wedding shoes’ heels should fit in nicely with the wedding dress. The rule is: the longer the dress, the higher the heels should be.

Kitten heels and ballerinas will allow me to walk smoothly on the church’s aisle and on the reception floor without a worry in the world. However, for better posture and added height, I think I’d love mid-heel wedges that include an open toe with a purpose to flatter my posh pedicure.

4. Comfortable (a no brainer)

The wedding shoes will be worn from early in the morning until the last thing at night. Because of this, a pair of skyscraper heels is at the bottom of my list. My idea of the perfect pair of wedding shoes is something I can dance in and walk around all day, not killer shoes which can literally kill my feet.

Proper wedding shoes are specially designed with comfort in mind. Buying cheap shoes that lack padding and comfort is simply not tolerable. Limping around because of uncomfortable shoes is a surefire way to look ungraceful. Enduring the pain while smiling to guests and for the camera will be difficult.

For some, it’s wise to wear custom-made wedding shoes in the Philippines because the size, fabric, embellishments, color, design, and style will all be tailor-fitted to the bride’s personal choice. One of my friends who’s getting married soon this year had her wedding shoes custom made by a shop in Marikina. Production time takes three to six weeks. I found one vendor in Bridestory also producing personalized shoes.

5. Not too expensive

Designer wedding shoes—is the price worth it? Well, not exactly all the time, according to respondents in online forums. Paying a fortune for that ultra chic pair of wedding shoes may not be worth the investment if it does not have the perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality. The quality of materials in designer shoes can be better, but this doesn’t automatically translate to “best buy.” Each brand and each pair of shoe is different.

Some Pegs

1. Kate Spade New York Isadora Wedges; 2. Badgley Mischka Cashet II Wedge Sandals; 3. VALENTINO Rockstud 65 leather courts; 4. Ivanka Trump Wyle2; 5. Badgley Mischka Thora 


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32 Responses

  1. Michi

    I agree with number 1 because I only used my wedding shoes once, sayang talaga. Wedding shoes are not cheap pa naman.

  2. Inspiring Kitchen

    These are very helpful tips in finding the perfect wedding shoes. Number one and four are very important. It’s such a waste if you can’t use your shoes after the wedding. And of course, the shoes should be comfortable.

  3. WhereMonicaGoes

    I agree with all of the points you have mentioned here, especially about it being able to fit the dress. The heel height is really important as any bride wont want to have a too short or too long wedding dress. A friend of mine recently got married and her wedding shoes is a pair of red pumps! So beautiful.

  4. lalalapatricia

    I agree with number 1 and of course, number 4. I always picked shoes that I could wear everyday. Sa peg mo, I like the 1 and 5. 🙂

  5. Fernando C Lachica

    Women have all the right to choose their pair of wedding shoes, but not too expensive. The color of shoes that suits your wedding dress is also one of the most vital. Your points are all positive for the bride-to-be.

  6. Paula Schuck

    These are all excellent tips, especially making sure the shoes are comfy. So many brides-to-be put so much thought into their shoes, but they never think of how many hours they’ll have to wear those shoes!

  7. Franc Ramon

    I think it’s better to be more practical and have a shoes that can go even after the wedding. Good luck on the wedding preps Roch.

  8. Amanda

    I was so disappointed in the shoes I wore for my wedding. They were comfortable, but pretty much pieces of junk because they fell apart the entire night. I wish I would have shelled out more cash for a flashy pair, especially blue ones to be my “something blue.”

  9. Gwendolyn Mulholland

    These are great tips and when I got married I wore a light purple pair of heels that I had sitting in my closet. They were comfortable, didn’t cost anything, and I could wear them again. Plus how long do you really keep your shoes on once you are at the reception.

  10. Felicita Moncada

    My number one was comfort! I wanted to be able to walk, dance, stand, and socialize without worrying about my feet hurting! It definitely takes some time to find the perfect one but worth it in the end!

  11. Suzanne Rudge

    I think I like number one the best as they seem to hit all of your criteria, which I agree with. I recall my wedding shoes and loved them for their simplicity, which could be dressed up with a little clip on bling!

  12. Jennifer Medeiros

    Those shoes are absolutely beautiful. Now all I have to do is get someone to marry me. Better yet, maybe I’ll get them just to wear around the house.

  13. Amanda Love

    I remember when I was looking for a shoe for my own wedding, I scoured the stores, internet until I find the perfect one. It has to definitely go well with your dress and I’ve always like pumps. 🙂

  14. Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    These are all very good criteria points. It is such a waste of money to spend a ton of money on shoes that aren’t comfortable or that you never plan to wear again. For my wedding shoes I just wore flip flops. 🙂 My dress was long enough that not many people even noticed them!

  15. Jaclyn Anne

    These are great tips for choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day. I especially agree that they shouldn’t cost a fortune – it is crazy to drop a ton of money on a pair of shoes you will only wear once. Better yet, it would be awesome to get a pair that you can wear again and again!

  16. Zwitsy

    I always have that in mind the factors you have listed down in finding the perfect pair for bridal events. The idea of being able to use it again and again regardless of the occasion you are attending is really practical, at least for me.

  17. Kathy Lacuna

    I, too, agree strongly with number 1. We have got to be practical nowadays. No use letting a good pair of shoes go to waste. All the 5 pegs look really great and could be worn even after the wedding. Best wishes on your wedding day!

  18. Elizabeth O.

    I would have to agree with your list. You don’t need an expensive pair, just search for something that matches your style and your dress and that’s fine. It’s better if you can wear it on other occasions too.

  19. Saminu Abass

    These are great tips to choose a pair of shoes for a wedding day. However, I will prefer choosing a fitted and matched pair for my taste. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Franc Ramon

    It would also be good to consider the cost. You just have to go with what matches your outfit and what’s comfortable and not necessarily the most expensive.

  21. Bhushavali

    Love those wedges. I really am a fan of wedge shoes. Gives a height while not killing the feet. I always makr sure to buy those gel cushion soles and stick to makes those heels more comfy.

  22. Fred

    Comfort is number one because you will be wearing it and be on your feet from the ceremony, photo shoots, reception, etc… Always be practical first with these things.

  23. Sayantini Bhattacharya

    All of the points are spot on. Especially, the first one. As Indian weddings are all about bling and glitter, I want something simple for my wedding that I can wear to a casual lunch date. Nice post 🙂

  24. Shubhada

    I liked design no 4 and 5. Agree that these shoes should be wearable even after wedding. Else really waste of money!

  25. Tiffany Yong

    Number 1 will be my perfect because I can wear that for long hours! That’s actually the most important part of having a wedding shoe!

  26. jared's mum

    I agree with all the points you mentioned here, especially re-wearable and comfortable bit. A wedding shoes, even when it is beautiful and elegant, and goes pretty well with the wedding gown, must also be comfy and can be worn with other clothing essentials, too! It will be such a shame to just let it sit in a box gathering dust after the wedding

  27. hannah gee

    Definitely agree with the re wearing, every time you put them on you can think of your special day. How lovely x


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