The Marketing Team hosted a special kind of party for our post-Valentine’s Day celebration. Dinner did not only come with sumptuous food but also with an interesting twist. Each of us received a digital invite from Murder Manila with an email from the “owner of the mansion” named Mr. Owen days prior to the event. Guests arrived at the party in character clad in costumes respective to the roles. Basically, murder happened during the party and everyone was a suspect. No one was allowed to leave the mansion. Everybody had different objectives to complete, but there was only one common goal: to find out whoddunit. Who’s the victim? Who’s the killer? What was the motive for murder?

Mystery Party: Murder Manila Presents Murder at the Mansion

The invitation from Murder Manila contained a character outline and an email from Mr. Owen. My character’s name was Ms. White, a maid who was hired by Mr. Owen a week ago. Nothing else was mentioned about the murder and no clues were given on how to solve the case. I supposed there would be another set of instructions to follow. Our first task then was to be in costume when attending the party and immerse ourselves in character.

Two gamekeepers of Murder Manila came to facilitate the event and explain how the night was to proceed. The game did not go by a script, but Murder Manila gave us enough details to do and look our part without being told exactly what to do and which steps to take next.

At the start, they handed each of us an envelope with confidential messages pertaining to the objectives and things to be aware about and “Mystery Money” that we could use to bribe the other players. As Murder Manila put it, “Bribery, cheating, blackmailing, and other creative means to acquire money are expected and encouraged.”

Mingling with others, knowing the characters and their relationship with one another, and staying focused were some important reminders that, if applied right, would help a lot in setting the stage for spontaneity and keeping the role play lively.  It’s funny how we had so many improvisations on our character stories throughout the night! #CareerMode 😉

The Characters

The Story

We were all invited to a mysterious party by an unknown host in the famous Mystery Mansion. Everyone except Dr. Brown, the butler, and the maid knew Mr. Green, the Banker since he’s the one handling the finances of his clients. The night turned fatal murder happened while we were having dinner.

We saw how Mr. Green fainted and died (of course, it’s all acting so don’t freak out just yet). 😛 We received a new set of detective kit which contained more information about the murder, plus some evidences which could lead to the killer’s hidden motives. Based on the materials, we questioned every suspect and put our detective skills to the test. After about an hour, Sgt. Slate, the Retired Cop, gathered all the facts and evidences to help us pin down who the killer was and decide on our accusation.

Finally, we were given scorecards to write down our main suspect. We also got to vote for the best dressed and best actor. The fastest to solve the mystery and the one who got the most money (from stealing and bribery) also won prizes. I’m not revealing who’s the killer, but you may guess it right when you see this picture:

Mystery Solved!

Wrap Up

In two hours, we experienced a captivating event where we were transformed to a world of mystery and hilarity while dining and enjoying delectable entrees at our office’s boardroom. 🙂 Murder Manila by Mystery Manila provides mysteries full of suspicion, intrigue, greed, love, hate, jealousy, and revenge… the perfect recipe for MURDER! It is especially fun for groups of friends, co-workers, families, and organizations. It’s not the typical party setup you know; it’s so much more. Whether you’re assigned as an innocent character or the suspect, the aim of the game is to have fun. And we did!

To know more about Murder Manila, check out their website and their Facebook page.

Date Published: 02/23/2017


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  1. Bhushavali

    Whoa! Awesome! This would have been one super awesome event! We had a kinda similar event here at a luxury hotel launch where we had to come up with a story in accordance to the location assigned to us in the hotel and keep developing it as we collect clues and move to other locations.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      We played a similar game not in a hotel but in a mall. We had the entire mall covered so it will be harder to pinpoint who’s got the clues and who are the suspects of the killing. 🙂

  2. Bites for Foodies

    This would be so fun to do with a group of friends!! There was something like this recently in my city, but I missed it! I would love to do one during Halloween!

  3. Ayesha

    I found this whole idea so interesting. Some parties can get boring but this I’m sure must have kept all of you on your toes. Loved the costumes. In the last picture Dr. Brown looks so harmless yet the culprit lol

  4. Vera

    Oh wow! This looks like so much fun. I am sure you had a blast doing this as well. I was just talking to a few friends about doing this in a few weeks. Now I am convinced I need to go!

  5. censie

    What a fun party. I have wanted to do this and you have made me want to do this even more. Thinking for my husbands birthday we could do something like this with our friends. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Crystal Lopez

    How cool is this! Honestly there are a few locations near me that offer a murder mystery dinner where everyone plays along. It seems like so much fun and would make for a wonderful date night!

  7. Colleen Wool

    This looks like so much fun! We did a similar thing in Tennessee. It definitely is more fun with a big group!

  8. The Graceful Mist

    This sounds like a creative and fun game. I like how you all seem to be in character with your clothes. I`ll check out Mystery Manila.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  9. May Palacpac

    I’ve not been to this place, but I’ve heard so much about it. Maybe when I find a group of friends to check it out, I would. Sounds fun!

  10. Tiffany Yong

    Oh my goodness, this is so much like the Chinese variety show I’m watching right now! It’s called Celebrity Detectives and the celebrities are doing the exact same things you guys did! It’s so cool!

  11. Elizabeth O.

    Very unique! Maybe this could be an exchange to some typical activities for teambuilding.


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