What’s Presotea? Nope, it’s not just another milk tea store from Taiwan! Presotea serves milk tea but not only that. It specializes in serving brew-to-order tea based beverages with unique flavors and cocktails that bring out the distinct tea flavor every time.

Presotea is Now in the Philippines! (Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City)

We met with the owners today and learned that what sets it apart from all the rest is its brewing technology. The name “Presotea” is derived from espresso-tea, since it uses a high-temperature and high-pressure espresso machine to extract the essence of tea. Each cup is freshly made in front of the customer giving them a fresh tea flavor and a healthier way of drinking tea with a bittersweet aftertaste.

With an excellent technological background in tea orchard management, they have a meticulous tea selection process and professional R & D team in its process and preparation. The espresso machine they use in the store is inspired by the Western technology and Eastern tea culture. The management from Taiwan even flew here in Manila to train the staff on how to use their espresso machine.

We tried all sorts of different tea variants and flavors. Each one was delightful! Truly, picking a personal favorite took me some time. What I also like is that the teas they serve aren’t concocted and made from powder form or the artificial kind. Presotea’s teas are brewed from actual tea leaves.

The top sellers are Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Red Bean, Blueberry Aloe Vera, Signature Fruit Tea Fusion, A-li-shan Iced Tea, Signature Tea Latte with Pearl, PPJ (Pearl, Pudding, Jelly) Milk Tea, Matcha Latte with Red Bean and White Pearl, QQ Passion Fruit Tea, White Peach Tea Macchiato, and Apple Passion Yakult. The teas can be served either hot or cold, depending on the customer’s preference. Sugar and ice levels can be adjusted. Also, there’s an option to go for a zero-calorie sweetener (liquid stevia). Additional toppings are optional: black pearl, coconut jelly, grass jelly, pudding, aloe vera, white pearl, red bean, and cheese macchiato.

I ordered the Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Red Bean and Louie got the Wintermelon Milk Tea. The taste of milk tea and red bean together is heaven for me. The cream macchiato lends an extra smooth and creamy finish, with an appealing taste of fresh cream that lingers on the palate. I got 50% sugar and it was just sweet enough for my liking. Wintermelon Milk Tea was another great choice. Unlike in other tea shops, this one has real wintermelon in it (not sugar). The end result is a milk tea with a sort of haunting soft sweetness resembling caramel with a twist. 🙂 Love it!

Here’s the Presotea menu, for your reference. Prices are affordable!

Launched in the first week of January 2019, Presotea in Robinsons Magnolia is the first branch in the Philippines. But internationally, it has over 300 franchise stores. Presotea has been well established and successfully launched in Taiwan since 2006. Through its outstanding management and product quality control, the brand has become one of the well-known tea shops in Taiwan and the business is still growing. It’s also present in countries like Indonesia, Canada, China and Australia.

2nd Floor Robinsons Magnolia
Date Published: 01/26/2019
5 / 5 stars


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  1. candy

    For all of those who can’t live without their coffee and teas this would be a wonderful place to stop and hang out. Hope they do well.

  2. Beth

    I can see why it took a while to decide on your favorite, there are so many options! It looks delicious.

  3. Ave

    What an interesting company! The freshly brewed tea is so good! I’d like to try the Blueberry Aloe Vera and QQ Passion Fruit Tea, they sound super delicious!

  4. Catalina

    I love tea so much! And the idea of a tea shop where I can do a break and take a cup of a high quality tea is awesome! Can’t wait to visit it!


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