Taking vegetarian fare to amazing heights, Corner Tree Cafe along Jupiter Street in Bel-Air, Makati offers creative dishes with a refreshing change. Tastes set the standard with quality-sourced vegan and vegetarian food delivered in an intimate and relaxed setting. If you want to try all-natural, earthy digs and flee from meaty havens, this is the place to go. Tasting is believing. 😉

Review of Corner Tree Cafe Vegetarian Food (Bel-Air, Makati)

Ambiance: ★★★★☆

Corner Tree Cafe’s ambiance felt homely and inviting. Despite the plain and sparsely furnished interior design, the atmosphere was calm, clean, and proper. It’s an absolutely ideal place for those who want to unwind or have an engaging chat, one where bookworms can also hang out and read books on a quiet corner.

Service: ★★★☆☆

The service attendant was quick and helpful when recommending dishes on the menu, but she wasn’t gracious and friendly as we could have hoped. Perhaps that’s understandable since all other staffs were too busy on their feet attending to requests of customers as well.  They were efficient however were so focused on efficiency that we felt hurried and not totally valued as individual customers. There was little eye contact.

Food: ★★★★☆

For our appetizer, the Corner Tree Starter Plate (PhP 295) came out as an interesting combination of dukka and dummus. Dukka is an Egyptian fragrant dry blend of seeds, pulses, and spices with warm chunks of whole wheat bread and extra virgin olive oil. The hummus was made of chickpeas, tahini, and black olives served with vegetable sticks. The fresh, distinct, and interesting array of mixed flavors and textures in one bite make it a good option but not a must-order.

The Spinach Feta Croquettes (PhP 210, 3 pieces) had a nice comforting flavor and were light and crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle. These tasty croquettes were made with spinach, feta, cheese and red rice served with a mint organic yogurt sauce and Corner Tree Cafe’s very own harissa on the side (great for chili lovers). We definitely recommend.

Made with spinach, roasted bell pepper, mushroom, and three different cheeses, the Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna (PhP 450) was very aromatic and it was an absolute hit. This vegetarian lasagna was about as fresh and summery as it’s ever going to get, creamy and packed with deliciousness altogether.

A nirvana for a vegetarian’s taste buds, the Arroz a la Cubana (PhP 255) was cooked with flavorful minced tofu, tomatoes, green olives, raisins, and fried bananas with red rice. It was topped with fried egg but that’s optional for vegans. I loved that the plating was artfully prepared, and the combination of ingredients in this dish was both hearty and comforting.

Price for Value: ★★★☆☆

Corner Tree Cafe in Makati showcases delectable vegan and vegetarian dishes, so guests can expect satisfaction when opting for their cuisine, especially for the most recommended dishes on the menu. It has received so many high praises and awards in recent years. Being named as the “Best Specialty Cuisine” restaurant by “Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets” (MBKRS) Awards says a lot about this cafe. Prices are on the higher end of the spectrum but dishes in general have good value.

150 Jupiter Corner Saturn Street, Bel-Air, Makati City
For inquiries, call (02) 2469069 ext:147, +63 906 558-6177 or e-mail cornertreecafe@gmail.com
Date Published: 02/12/2016
14 / 20 stars

Operating hours: Daily 11am to 10pm


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9 Responses

  1. Jenn

    That looks like a great looking place! I love how casual and comfortable it is! The food dishes look amazing and very artistic!

  2. Sara-Jayne

    I love the atmosphere there and the food looks delicious! Shame about the lack of friendly service though – that can really change an experience.

  3. Miles L.

    Corner Tree Café sounds like a great place for a vegetarian. I appreciate food chains like this because they can give consumers more options. I am not a vegetarian but I would love to eat in a place like this.

  4. Tiffany

    This looks like such a fun place to meet up and have a great meal. I love when a restaurant has a unique atmosphere and setting…

  5. vidya sudarsan

    Spinach and mushroom lasgne looks delicious! I love the informal look of this restaurant, I prefer casual ambiance compared to very formal dining. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. Kiara

    What an amazing place to eat. I’m so glad to know of more and more healthy options for going to restaurants. I’m not vegan or even a vegetarian but I love being able to experience all kinds of eclectic culinary dishes.

  7. Censie

    Looks like a great place to go for lunch with friends. I love the decor but the food looks amazing too. My best friend is vegetarian so we always look for cafes like this one. She would be so thankful for these options. Looks like a fun time.


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