BGC in Taguig has enough good places now that you can legitimately crawl your way around it and go on a foodie adventure if you so choose. Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse in Burgos Circle is one of the restaurants in the area where you come for large portions of food with tons of flavor. It’s a Southern American diner where smoked and barbecued meat reigns supreme. If you appreciate a full tray of nachos with all sorts of tasty toppings, hearty sandwiches, and smoked bbq, Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse should be on the radar.

Dinner was booked through BigDish’s trusty mobile app a week ago, and we had an instant 10% discount off our meal. In case you’re not yet familiar, BigDish is a brand-new way of offering dining deals and discounts. There’s no membership fee required. Just reserve online and get discounts off your bill depending on the number of people, date and time, and the restaurant chosen. Once booking is done, a confirmation code will show up and this should be presented to the restaurant at the time of visit.

Review of Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse (Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City)


Located literally within the circle at Burgos Circle, Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse can quickly capture the attention of people driving around in the search for good eats. Inside, a cozy interior awaits with a bar counter on the first floor and more seats at the second floor. Distressed wood finishing and vintage decors create an atmosphere that is natural and contemporary, intimate and vibrant. Pipe details and black-and-white drawings on the walls make up a unique, industrial-meets-rustic setting.


Hot Pork Poppers (PhP 175) consisted of thin slices of deep-fried rub dusted pork belly and piedmont sauce. You can think of these poppers as dried or dehyrdrated bacon that are not as salty. They’re pretty satisfying to eat and easy to share.

With the perfect balance of sweet and salty, Jera’s Ultimate Nachos (PhP 55) managed to impress. It’s generous in size and taste and has seemingly contradictory attributes: tender but not mushy, fatty and flavorful, sweet and salty. Toppings include way too many ingredients I couldn’t speak all in one breath: seasoned tortilla chips, pulled pork, homemade bacon strips, cheese sauce, bbq sauce, alabama white bbq sauce, fried tortilla, and sliced toasted baguettes. With all these stuff, it can be put easily as the holy grail of snack food.

Crab and Corn Soup (PhP 150) was soup of the day. It’s by far the only crab and corn soup we had where there were crab sticks and corn kernels not only cooked as flavoring but in actual chewable bits. Nice touch!

The star of the night had to be Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse’s Smoked Beef Brisket (PhP 550). The half pound of 16 hours smoked angus beef brisket was served with two sides: Texas Dirty Rice (PhP 60) and Chicken Macaroni Salad (PhP 85). Taste-wise, think a medley of sweet, savory, and spicy, with the pickles imparting a zesty and sour lightness. The beef brisket came with a wonderful meatiness well-complemented by the smokiness but only in the background, where it lingered for seconds after each bite.

Hot Daddy’s Burger (PhP 275) was presented with: half pound beef patty, spicy bbq suace, brioche buns, cheddar cheese, crispy jalapeno peppers, and chipotle mayo. We were asked if we wanted mild, spicy, or deadly, and we chose mild (since we could always put on more hot sauce if need be). With a smidge of heat, the burger was moist and hit the right notes for the most part, with its familiar flavors. The beef was undeniably juicy. Additional condiments were not necessary at all.

For dessert, we had the Apple Cobbler (PhP 280), which was made with baked apple slices, cashew streusel, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce. It had rich and holiday flavor with fruity components. Highly recommended! 🙂

Price for Value:

Aside from heaping scoops of ice cream and halo-halo, if there’s anything that screams summer, it’s piles of smoked meat, and Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse in Burgos Circle, BGC has some serious power in making compelling dishes of it. Expect to get melt-in-your-mouth smoked beef brisket, roasted chicken and pork, at reasonable prices, for their specialties. Local and imported beers, cocktails and fresh juices are also available to complement substantial food. We’ll visit again, next time! 🙂

To know more about BigDish, check out its Facebook page at or visit its website at Click this button to book a table now:

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City
For inquiries, call (02) 8876030 or 0915 5627447
Date Published: 05/15/2017

Review of Fat Daddy's Smokehouse (Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City)
Price for Value
4.5Overall Score


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21 Responses

  1. Joely Smith

    I will absolutely check out the BigDish app! I love how you can cancel or change your reservation right on the app!
    This place looks so good! I am in the Midwest USA – Kansas and we too are known for our BBQ so this is right up my alley! They appear to have a nice beer selection as well and I am digging the decor!

  2. Tami

    I am really looking forward to eating at Fat Daddy’s. I take advantage of discounts as often as I can, apps like BigDish, are a big part of my money saving strategy. Now, I’m off to make that reservation.

  3. Censie Sawyer

    This looks like a place that my husband and I would really enjoy on a night out. I love the decor, looks like a really fun place. Now the food….I want it all. Wow!! So many yummy options

  4. kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor

    Wow, thanks for the tip on the Big Dish app! This Texas girl loved seeing that “Texas Truck” license plate on the wall in a restaurant in Manila. 🙂 I can smell that brisket and Texas Dirty Rice from here!


    This is a place that not only looks cool but the food looks delicious. You had me at BBQ and the sauces options? All look so good. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to visit. I am also going to check out the BigDish app! It looks really convenient.

  6. Vicky

    Oh my gosh, what a varied menu. This is my kind of food. I love meat with lots of flavors and this place seems to have it. It sounds like they have something for everyone. I would have to make sure to save room for dessert because apple cobbler is my favorite.

  7. sadhna

    Wow, what lovely photographs of the place and the food. made me feel hungry sitting in the heat of new delhi! have you ever visited India?

  8. Ali Rost

    This looks like the kind of place my husband and I would love to stop at! If we did I’d order the chicken macaroni salad and he’d get the burger! Last but not least some apple cobbler with an extra scoop of ice cream on the top x

  9. Farrah Less G.

    It makes me drool by just looking the foods above 🙂 I used to go to Global City when I’m working in Makati Ayala. I miss the area so much its been 10 long yrs now. Its time to make a plan going back soon.

  10. Aileen Adalid

    oooh, I’ve been seeing this around BGC area but never had the chance to try it. You just reminded me to do so! Thank you Roch, great review!

  11. Ken Knight

    From the outside it looked really inviting. There’s a part of of the restaurant, the picture where there are small tables beside the wall, that looked too close to the next counter. The food, I have no complaints, looks mouth watering. The doodle on the wall shows the extra effort on the artistry and putting together a unique and well decorated ambiance. Looks to me, 4.5 is an impressive score, which I hope they can continue.

  12. RaNesha

    I downloaded the app omg the food looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to global city

  13. Bites for foodies

    I don’t be eat meat but I would go here for the atmosphere! This place looks great!

  14. Bhusha

    Stunning food photography! I should refrain from seeing this during lunch/dinner time! The cafe looks nice! Those registration plates as decor is a good idea!

  15. elizabeth o

    You had quite the feast there and this what I would refer to as Soul Food in the USA. Stick to your ribs comfort food. 🙂

  16. Fred

    Thanks for that tip about the app. I’ve only been to Burgos circle once before because of its distance from our house, but this food is really tempting! Hope it sets up in QC soon.

  17. Dae Nerys

    OMG! Everything looks mouth-watering! And thanks for sharing that BigDish app. Will try that soon. 🙂

    P.S. Hoping they offer delivery service? 😉

  18. Tiffany Yong

    I love the doodles of the place! The Jera’s Ultimate Nachos looks like something I will love to try if there isn’t any beef content~ Will love to visit some day~


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