H.I.D. Burgers? Immediately, the name got me curious. What does H.I.D. stand for? Apparently, it refers to “healthy and irresistibly delicious.” This restaurant inside the compound of City Golf Plaza serves the best flame-grilled gourmet burgers that are freshly made from 100% fresh chicken with no extenders. It’s the first branch of H.I.D. Burgers in Metro Manila, and just when demand for chicken burgers becomes overwhelming, checking this place out is an obviously nice move. The menu looks lean and simple but very cohesive, stocked with all kinds of goodness including not only burgers but also sausages, hot wings, nuggets and other specialties.

Review of H.I.D. Burgers (City Golf Plaza, Ugong, Pasig City)


H.I.D. Burgers has a laid-back ambiance that’s typical of a burger joint. It’s an easy option when you’re craving for burgers and quick bites after a golf session or a late-night hangout with friends. Plenty seats are available at the back, making up for a good sit-down experience. Overall vibe is colorful, bright, and festive which just suits the food.


Since all burger patties are handcrafted and cooked upon order, expect to wait for several minutes before serving time. While this may be a good chance to start a conversation, relax, and appreciate the venue, others may possibly be bored…so consider yourself warned. If you’re really hungry, a witty workaround is to first get appetizers like the cheesy bacon wedge fries, chicken nuggets, or potato wedges. Ordering and payment are done through the counter, and the rest of their service experience takes place at the table.


We started with the H.I.D. Burgers’ Chicken Nuggets (PhP 90 Half-Dozen/PhP 165 Full Dozen) and Hot Wings (PhP 180-6pcs/PhP 320-12 pcs), which both scored a few points in our book. 🙂 The deep-fried nuggets were tender, juicy, and excellent even without the dipping sauce (choice of either barbecue or garlic). Most fastfood restaurants’ nuggets deliver processed chicken meat for nuggets, but this version is more like boneless breaded chicken in bite-size pieces you can actually eat with rice. Love it!

Packed with bolder flavors, the hot wings are worth a try especially for fans of heat. Get them in six flavors: Buffalo Wings (Mild/Spicy), Sriracha Wings (Spicy), Hot Asian Wings (Mild/Spicy), Garlic Chili Patis Wings (Mild), Honey Mustard Wings (Mild), and Honey Sriracha Wings (Mild).

An exception to the “chicken-everything” menu, the H.I.D. Burgers’ Hungarian Sausage Slices (PhP 150) were appetizing and mildly spicy.

Elevating a staple to something special, the burgers here take a far more interesting twist, other than that they’re made of chicken. Instead of the usual hamburger bun, H.I.D. Burgers serve their patties with fluffy pan de sal-like bun! In the Philippines, pan de sal is a local bread that literally means “bread of salt.” When put together with the burger patty, taste results to sweet than salty.

H.I.D. burgers and sausages can be customized in multiple ways. Choose among winning combos such as Deluxe, Premium, Combo, Beastmode, and Big Dogg (with pure Hungarian Sausage) and enjoy burgers with add-ons like potato wedges, blue cheese, sour cream, Caesar dressing, salsa and bacon to your delight.

All burgers were seasoned properly and cooked the right way. The freshness, quality and flavor create an unquestionable gulf between the plethora of fast casual burger joints and the big boys of burgers. Surrounded by the awesome pan de sal bun, the thick chicken patties hold moistness well. They deserve a hearty round of applause and a meeting with your taste buds. 🙂 In no particular order:

Mediterranean (Big Dogg) with bell peppers, onions, and garlic sauce

Beastmode BLT (only beef burger in H.I.D.) with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, mayo, and onions

Cheesebomb with cheese sauce, cream cheese and mozzarella

Barbecue & Coleslaw with special housemade BBQ sauce and refreshing coleslaw

H.I.D. BLT Low Carb

Price for Value:

With quality ingredients and ample burger-to-bun ratio, H.I.D. Burgers in Pasig can gather steam and make its way to your top 10 favorite burger restaurants list anytime soon. Beef burgers are everywhere but it’s also great to try new things if your heart so desires. Offering body, bite and flavor, H.I.D. Burgers’ chicken burgers are a welcome change. Prices are affordable and have good value. Get a decent meal for only PhP 200 or less.

Ground Floor, City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City
Date Published: 09/11/2016

Review of H.I.D. Burgers (City Golf Plaza, Ugong, Pasig City)
Price for Value
4.3Overall Score


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  1. Fred

    Very far, so I may only admire these burgers vicariously via your photos. However, I am quite tempted by that Cheesebomb burger.

  2. Gigi M.

    This seems like a good hangout place for friends. I might need to try out their burgers so I could judge the flavor for myself. =) I love the idea of pan de sal buns for the burgers.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    Awesome! I love the place, it looks like a great place to go to with friends. The food looks great and I’m glad they didn’t disappoint!

  4. Claire Algarme

    The burgers and other food look mouthwatering! The place seems dainty and well-lit, a wonderful venue to enjoy your food and while away time. It also looks neat and clean!

  5. May Palacpac

    OMG that beastmode burger is definitely tops! I’m drooling here. The bread is interesting, sort of looking like pandesal quality, is it?


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