Every day busy, busy every day.

That’s probably the line I’ll tag to myself since I have not gotten enough rest recently. When I have free time for myself, I would rather spend it relaxing over a quiet meal with friends, chill out in a library (or bookstore), or sleep than indulge in hours partying for freedom and screaming with loud company. And I think Aldous had just spent this perfect time to chill with a great company of bloggers last Thursday.

They went to Paris Delice for an event that got them focused only on food, drinks and conversation. Me: envious. 🙄 I personally have not been to Paris Delice in Makati, but judging from their dining experience, I think their dishes must have met the lunchtime standard served promptly with care to customers.

The following is a guest post by Aldous Calubad, my co-blogger and writer at SEO Hacker and When in Manila, sharing his review of Paris Delice:

Paris Delice offers freshly baked bread, getting daily deliveries from France. Their bread is half-baked there, then it is baked again here in the Philippines for total satisfaction. 😉

Event host Chef Al Laine De Leon is the head chef of the restaurant and also the manager at the same time. Mr. Thibault Daniel, one of the restaurant owners, greeted us and served us with grace—always asking if we needed anything and how the food was.

Review of Paris Delice (Makati Avenue)

Ambiance: ★★★★★

The restaurant has the ambiance of a coffee shop and it provides high speed Internet access for those looking to spend time here.  A lot of people don’t know it is actually a French fast food restaurant because customers can drop by and buy only bread.

Service: ★★★☆☆

The servers failed to ask us if we needed anything.  They just did their job in serving the food to us.  Perhaps, they are not used to seeing customers who drop by and order a lot of food so I can forgive them for that.

Food: ★★★★★

First, we were served two kinds of soup: Cream of Tomato Soup and French Onion Soup.  One of the bloggers found her French onion soup a bit salty, so she didn’t finish it. Anyway, I think that is quite normal for that soup.

Next, we were given salads including French Salad, Pinoy Salad, Roma Salad and Tagaytay Salad.  I had the Tagaytay Salad and chose the classic Caesar dressing. The other salad dressings available were Raspberry, Balsamic and Asian.

Two long sandwiches headed our way, namely: L’Europeen (ham & cheese) and L’Atlantic (salmon). I have to say their specialty really is their bread which made all the sandwiches delicious.

 Then came four big plates of pastas: Chicken Curry Pasta, Poulet Au Pistou, Bolognaise and Aragula-Chevre. I chose the Chicken Curry pasta and I noticed it was not spicy which was good. All other bloggers enjoyed their picks likewise.

The final serving contained breads and pastries but the other bloggers were too full to even notice that.  I noticed the croissant though and I just could not resist tasting that because I love croissants.  I must say their croissant is a must try.

I also got to try their Nutella Beignet and it is like a cream puff with nutella inside. That was one bread I enjoyed and it is perfect for dessert.

Price for Value: ★★★★☆

The store closes at 7:30 in the evening and they have a 40% sale on their breads starting at 7PM.  That is such a huge giveaway given the fact that it is not yet that late to be giving away their breads at such a handsome price.

I highly recommend this French themed restaurant if you are a big fan of bread. I would love to come back because I saw they also have quiches that we did not get to taste.

Paris Delice
1 Juno Street, corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
For inquiries, call 09173157667


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