After our tour in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, we went around Yas Mall looking for a restaurant for lunch. Studi Masr’s food on the menu looked the most interesting and appetizing at that time, so we decided it was the place to be. It’s a break from burgers, hotdogs, fries, fried chicken, and typical comfort food other adjacent restaurants offered.

Studio Masr Mediterranean Grill Restaurant is a film-production themed restaurant inspired by Studio Masr, a leading Egyptian movie-production studio. Some of the dishes were inspired by past movies and reflect the names of the historic films produced by Studio Masr. The Mediterranean grill offers the most recognized dishes and collective flavors from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It has 25 branches in Egypt and 1 in Saudi Arabia.

Review of Studio Masr Mediterranean Grill Restaurant (Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi)


Specializing in Egyptian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine, Studio Masr Mediterranean Grill Restaurant’s interior was decorated with things which reminded us of Egypt like the photos of Egyptian films and film stars, a nod to the iconic Egyptian film studio the restaurant is named after. The restaurant was pretty cozy inside and seemed really laid-back.


We were surprised that the cooks here, waiters, and the reception staff were all Filipinos, and they were more in shock than us when they hear us spoke in Filipino. 🙂 We obviously didn’t look the part. Service was amicable and prompt. Everyone was enthusiastic in serving food and following our orders.


The Studio Masr menu is centered on charcoal grill kebab items such as marinated beef, lamb, chicken and seafood. We asked for the best-selling items, since it was hard to choose from the many selections on the menu. The staff quickly pointed to their new dish, Meat Balls Fatteh (AED 53), and Ameer El Intekam (AED 49) which is basically all the grilled meat served in a dish so we can try them all in one go.

The Meat Balls Fatteh was rich, filling, and luscious, although I wasn’t a fan of its strong aftertaste. Served with fried Lebanese bread, the dish was presented as fried eggplants covered with yogurt and chopped meatballs. It came stuffed with an insanely meaty and savory red sauce. The meatballs were plump, juicy and so tender a spoon can pass right through them with almost no resistance. I was satisfied and full after eating just two piece, leaving Louie happy to finish all the rest. 😉

The mixed grill was an ample offering of grilled meat and chicken served with oriental rice with nuts, grilled vegetables, French fries, and Halaby bread. All the meat were seasoned beautifully and each one had a delicious distinct texture and flavor with a good kick of spices. The oriental rice was sweet, earthy, and aromatic. It was versatile, tasting great when paired with any grilled meat from the platter.

Price for Value:

Food prices were steep but it was a wonderful splurge. Consider Studio Masr Mediterranean Grill Restaurant having a modest price for value, especially if you’re a foodie and the type to take interest in tasting and trying food flavors outside your comfort zone. Their casual Mediterranean fare is as good as it gets! With quality food, pleasant crew, and charming interior, it’s easy to tell that this restaurant has a group of steady and stable patrons who keep coming back.

Studio Masr Mediterranean Grill Restaurant
Inside Yas Mall, Al Wasl Road | Box Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
For inquiries, call +971 4 385 5883
Date Published: 05/13/2018
4.3 / 5 stars
Review of Studio Masr Mediterranean Grill Restaurant (Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi)
Price for Value
4.3Overall Score


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