Last Sunday, I participated at the opening of Bow and Wow Nuvali (sixth store). After we set up the IT components, we spent our break time exploring the mall. My dad was too kind to drive us to the venue, so he surely deserved a good lunch treat. 🙂 The Morning After was one of the most interesting restaurants we encountered. It had this welcoming façade that aptly encourages people to walk in and try out the best on their menu.

At The Morning After, you’re here for pancakes, waffles, Filipino rice meals, pasta, pizza, and all comfort food. You’ll like it, it’s familiar, and it delivers. This all-day breakfast place will be celebrating its first anniversary next month (it opened last May 29, 2015) and soon it will be opening new branches in Metro Manila (UP Town Center and BGC, if I remember correctly).

Review of The Morning After (Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna)


The Morning After is as sparkling and immaculate as it gets. It features an outdoor space with a cozy, easy, and carefree vibe. This spot immediately “transplants” you from the busy cit to the countryside. It can be a romantic – bring your date here to turn on the charm. Staying outside is ideal to catch sunshine, but in this hot weather, it will be hard to bask in the glory of outdoor dining sans humidity. The garden theme continuous inside the restaurant with pretty grassy backdrop on one side of the wall. Everything looks clean and vibrant. In fairness, the air conditioning has done its job when we needed it most! 🙂


Service was spot on and friendly. The wait staff described the food and how they were cooked. He approached us with smile and made us feel really comfortable every time.


The Quattro Formaggio Pizza (Four Cheese Pizza) (PhP 245) was made with the most wonderful combination of bread and cheese imaginable. The blending of blue cheese, Italian mozzarella, Parmesan, and fresh Laguna cheese came out to be smooth and creamy. On top of that, cheesy bechamel sauce was added, to achieve phenomenal layered flavors. Cheese-a-holics will be mesmerized with the magic. While it’s true that the crust did not bring much to the party, it’s worth to note that the thin crust was both crispy and chewy as we liked.

Fries, Fries, Fries served with three kinds of dip (honey mustard, aioili, and wasabi mayo) was decent. The fries were cooked three times—not oily, not too salty, and not bad at all. The potatoes were tender and delicious. Sigh, we were deeply contented. If deep-fried food weren’t so calorific, we would definitely indulge in them daily! 😛

Price for Value:

If you’re not a breakfast person, trying new things at The Morning After can be good. This restaurant in Solenad 3, Nuvali ably executes the basics of a trendy setting. It’s an establishment solely dedicated to serving well-cooked breakfast and brunch meals at all times of the day. Service runs smoothly and food tastes satisfactory. Prices are fair, with enough portions for sharing. Love it! 🙂

Review of The Morning After (Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Price for Value
4.8Overall Score


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30 Responses

  1. Elizabeth O.

    That’s a high score! Which would be pretty obvious since the place looks fantastic and who wouldn’t want breakfast food, right? Love the pizza, it looks so good and filling.

  2. Fred

    How I wish Nuvali is more accessible from where I live. I think I should plan a little staycation there in order for our family to try the food choices there.

  3. Danessa Foo

    Your dad is so cute to have drive you to the venue and it’s lovely to see you dining with him. The cafe looks nice and cosy – perfect for families to bond over yummy food!

  4. Fred Erick

    I have never been to Nuvali but I heard a lot of beautiful things about it. If I will visit there, I will go this spot. Looks like they have tasty and delicious breakfast meal.

  5. nicol

    the interior is beautiful! i am loving that wall. it has such a great atmosphere

  6. Leke Awonuga

    Seeing the Pizza, looks so nicely made and filling. The atmosphere of the place is enticing and good. Nice interior fittings. i love it!

  7. phyliciamarie

    Roch! What’s your new cam? It looks really nice, planning to get a new one soon din kasi.

    Anyhoo, the place and ambiance looks amazing! Love the whole bright and green space.

  8. Alina Popescu

    This sounds like the kind of place I could get addicted to fast 😀 I love breakfast food and have a thing for having it at all hours in the day. Plus, I haven’t had waffles in a long time 😀

  9. Pooja Kawatra

    Love the setup and even the entrance looks very inviting. I am sure a good place to enjoy a meet up with friends and relax.

  10. Lori Bosworth

    Wow, The Morning After Restaurant looks wonderful. I love their cheery decor! The four cheese pizza looks delicious and your photos really do the place justice! Will have to visit if I’m ever in Laguna.

  11. dee

    Very nice and cozey looking cafe! If I ever get a chance to travel there I have to make sure to try the Quattro Formaggio Pizza. The picture you took of it is just mouth watering.

  12. Inspiring Kitchen

    I like the name, The Morning After. The restaurant looks neat and cozy. I love the open spaces, especially now that our weather is crazy hot. I hope they open soon in UP Town. I would love to try their food. The Four Cheese Pizza looks mouth watering.

  13. Amanda Love

    The place not only looks great but the food looks and sounds delicious too. The price isn’t too bad and if I’m ever here in this part of the world I’ll be sure to visit and eat.

  14. Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    The Morning After looks like an amazing eating establishment! The atmosphere is so inviting and airy. I love that you treated your dad to a meal. Spending quality time with family is so important, and what better way to do so than over a nice meal.

  15. Mark

    By just looking at the place. It’s really a private and cozy establishment. Also there food looks great. Those fries makes me crave for a moment. 🙂

  16. Wood Arts Universe

    It really looks like a beautiful, cozy and relaxing place for me. Plus, you mentioned that the food is good. Delicious food is what really captivates me most followed by the place and its ambiance.

  17. Christi

    What a COOL space! I love the greenery on that one wall – it just feels so fresh and organic, bright and cheery. And the food looks amazing, too. I love when food and atmosphere are all top-notch – it makes for a perfect dining experience!

  18. Bites for Foodies

    This place looks amazing! I love the decor and the colours. I truly enjoy the entire dining experience, with great food as well as a great ambiance.

  19. Elizabeth Sutherland

    I LOVE trying out new spots and getting creative with my tastebuds! This place looks amazing and that PIZZA! Oh man, you just made me hungry 🙂 I like how this place looks cozy! Thanks for the great review.

  20. Nickida

    The food looked really good and the restaurant itself was very nice. I love the simplified look and the pops of color all around the place. That menu looks really good. I saw waffles.

  21. Renee @ Gettin' Fit Fab

    I really love the simplified look of the place! I so wish that we had something like that here- if we did it wouldn’t be so simple looking which I really love! That pizza, looks absolutely delicious.


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