Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food hits the mark when it comes to—quite literally, comfort food. The menu here features several of the usual suspects: fish and chips, buttermilk chicken, pork chops, pasta, burgers, steaks, and decadent desserts. But what makes a meal at Vagabonds particularly interesting are the twists to the flavors of their dishes. Their value-for-money chicken wings and steaks are without question one of the best in town. Here’s a review of the restaurant, and see why it’s worth a try. 😉

Review of Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)


The first couple of things you might notice in this restaurant’s interior are the complementing colors of yellow and blue accents all over the walls, ceilings, and artworks which create a lively and bright atmosphere. The gray curtains gave a pleasing balance and looked beautiful in contrast to the two-tone theme. It’s nice that the furniture was wooden, giving a more subtle look and a cozier feel.


One of the highlights in our meal included the excellent Ultimate Wings with each of the four unique flavors standing out. Everything was tasty and comforting in a homey way—assuming home, for you, is a place with large amounts of wings! Get it to share, or enjoy on your own because why not?

Here’s a rundown:

Coated with a blend of chocolate marinade and Spanish paprika, the Belgian Wanderer was a good epitome of “sugar, spice, and everything nice.” Pimiento Aioli Dip on the side gave it a more intense taste. It’s one of the best and most memorable.

Tagalog’s Best was Bagoong-marinated chicken wings that came with peanut butter dip. I admire the Asian character coming together in this dish and how the peanut butter boosted the zing, but I’m not a big fan. It sounds like an interesting combo but tasted quite weird.

If there’s one thing among these four that I’d order in full serving, I’ll choose Yao Wings. This crispy goodness slathered in zesty orange marinade was scrumptious and crave-worthy! Juicy, sticky, and awesome, these classic chicken wings partnered with a soy ranch dip will blow your taste buds away.

Sweet and salty Shogun Wings were hand-tossed in wasabi powder and went well with the White Chocolate Ranch dip. It’s also voted as one of our favorites on the platter.

1000 Grams Steak (PhP 1800) is another easy sharer for the table, unless you’re meat-averse! 🙂 It’s 1-kg of succulent and premium USDA hanging tenders, with soy ginger, garlic peppercorn, chimichurri, barbecue dips. Without the dips though, the steak on its own lacked an oomph in taste. Texture-wise, the medium rare meat was great. Pairing them one by one with the dips can help savor every bite.

Pasta and shrimp just seem to go together perfectly. If you enjoy that combo as much as we do, you might want to try Spain’s Shrimp & Chorizo Pasta (PhP 325). It’s made of bacon mac and cheese in red tomato base. With the chorizo, it’s a whole new ball game. This Spanish-style dried sausage imparts a deep and smoky flavor to the dish.

Aglio e Olio is one of the most basic pasta sauces, and I like it best when cooked light and simple. The Mediterranean Pasta (PhP 300) was cooked al dente with garlic, oil, and seafood. It will take you on a delectable trip to the sea. Whether it’s a hectic family weeknight meal or romantic date night in, this plate of pasta belongs.

Price for Value:

Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food is a good addition to the restaurants in Tomas Morato neighborhood since it opened in March 2016. If you’ve had a tiring day at work, their comfort food classics can take you on a #PalatableJourney and give you a warm embrace. Prices are a bit higher than expected and can end up forming a little wound to the wallet, but it’s okay to indulge once in a while. All bursting with flavor, the dishes we ordered definitely put a smile on our faces and filled our hungry bellies with glorious satisfaction. Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food is a great place to hang out with friends and family.

RGI Building, Scout Limbaga Corner Scout Torillo Steet, Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Date Published: 06/19/2018
For inquiries, call (02) 281 7748
4.3 / 5 stars
Review of Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)
Price for Value
4.3Overall Score


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  1. Alli Smith

    All of the food looks delicious! I’m all about comfort food so this is my kind of restaurant. I love the decor too.

  2. candy

    What a cool and different place to enjoy a meal. All the food looks delicious but the restaurant is really cool looking.

  3. Tasheena

    Love the variety of food this restaurant has. The color scheme is really pretty too. Would love to visit.

  4. Pam

    That food sounds pretty good. It sounds like they offer a variety of exciting flavor combos.

  5. Melissa Chapman

    It is great to have such enjoyable food in a nice restaurant like this. I did not realize this trend was popular outside the US, because we love comfort food.

  6. Tammy

    Oh my that looks so good. I love comfort food and this looks like a restaurant I would enjoy.

  7. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Loving the interior design looks like a great place to dine in. That Spain’s Shrimp & Chorizo Pasta looks absolutely appetizing though, I could eat plenty!

  8. Trina

    This looks like such a cute restaurant and the food looks absolutely delicious! Now I am sitting here hungry lol!

  9. Carol Cassara

    I love the place, perfect for get togethers with friends. The food sure looks delicious and it would be nice to try thay steak. Love that they have different sauces that you can try.

  10. Anosa Malanga

    The ambiance of the place seems so nice and of course all the foods that were served looks so delicious. I have never been to Philippines so I guess I will take note of this so I can pay a visit whenever I head to your country.

  11. Janet C

    I am loving both the food and decor here. This looks like such an amazing place to enjoy yourself.

  12. Vyjay Rao

    The Vagabonds Artisans Comfort food surely holds the promise of some great food. It looks like a nice place for a family getaway. I love the look of the place with such nice and bright colours.

  13. Chubskulit Rose

    There are so many great places there in Pinas to eat! My preference when it comes to meat is well done, I could never eat it when it’s pink!

  14. Alison Rost

    I really like the decor, the restaurant feel very welcoming and it’s so easy on the eyes! The food looks amazing and totally worth it. That steak is a stunner!


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