I’m no fashion blogger but I thought it would be really cool to share my fun shopping experience with Stylist in Pocket. 🙂 Two weeks ago, I got an email from The Row as I’m subscribed to their feeds and I’m registered as a VIP member of this fashion brand. It was an invitation for me to try out their latest personal shopping service for men and women which started only last April 2015.

I was led to take a survey about my personal style. Questions like the type of clothes I’m interested in, my size, color preferences, etc. were asked, and the latter portion took basic personal information and my availability to be visited by their stylist. On the same day, I received a phone call from The Row confirming my booked appointment.

Since I’m also working in the retail industry, this personal styling service offered by The Row sparked an interest. I was curious to know how it works—and more significantly, I was smitten by the email’s subject: “FREE P1000 GC for you, with our Exclusive Home Shopping Service!” (Note: You too can avail of the P1000 gift certificate. See the bottom of this post to know how.)

As scheduled, yesterday, two stylists arrived at our home, carrying a rack with 92 pieces of garments selected according to my style preferences. Here are five things I love about this personal shopping service called “Stylist in Pocket.” Maybe you’ll want to try it, too!

with stylists Glenda and Jaja

5 Things I Love About Stylish in Pocket (Freeway, Ensembles, and Solo)

1. Convenient, Hassle-free Shopping

Stylist in Pocket has the best of both worlds of online shopping and physical store shopping. You can browse through different designs and styles of clothes, and you can fit them quickly without the need to travel. The stylists go to your location address at your most convenient schedule. You can even have a special bonding time with family and friends as you try on the clothes simultaneously.

2. No Waiting Line in Fitting Room

Unlike online shopping, you can easily fit into the clothes and determine if the size is perfect right on the spot. (Stylist in Pocket also offer free alterations.) There are no long waiting lines you have to endure just to fit into them! This cuts down time tremendously. (Tip: Don an innerwear like a fitted sando and cycling shorts so you can change clothes without going to your room or the bathroom.)

Plus, you have the freedom to shop at your own pace and convenience. Stylists help in getting you dressed as well. Can’t reach the zipper in the back of the dress? Need to place a belt to create a more flattering line? No worries. They are at your service.

3. Access to New Styles Not Even Released in Physical Stores

Perhaps you’re in a rut, always buying the same thing and never feeling like you’re truly expressing yourself the way you’d like to. Stylist in Pocket gives clients access to new styles of clothes including those designs that are not even released yet in stores. The stylists’ job is to make the connection between the client and the wardrobe easier by identifying trends, gauging fit, and developing overall looks that work for you.

4. Styling Needs Addressed

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when walking into a store and seeing a ton of choices. I get some form of a mental paralysis, especially when I’m shopping for clothes I need to wear for an upcoming event and I’m clueless about how to put the pieces together. If you’re like me who needs a little guidance, Stylist in Pocket’s stylists can help.

The key is to just try on anything that’s asked of you to try. I have learned that this can be an eye-opening experience. It’s your chance to expand your options of colors, styles, and fabrics that look good on you!

5. Free P1000 GC 🙂

If you want to avail of the GC that you can use to purchase clothes and accessories at Freeway, Ensembles, and Solo branches nationwide, simply fill out the Personal Style Quiz from this link: for women or for men. Don’t forget to indicate AAC0058H15 as the referral code to get the free P1000 worth of gift certificate that will be given by the stylist who will visit you at your home or location.

Wrap Up

As the retail industry becomes increasingly crowded and competitive, this exclusive home shopping service by The Row PH is a great way to fight for its share of attention and conversion rates. With friendly personal stylists to assist clients, customer relationships are further fostered and the sense of client loyalty is increased.

After two hours fitting in clothes with my mom and sister, we ended up buying five dresses. I will get one more dress using the P1000 GC in the store. Stylist in Pocket provided us not only tangible materials but also intangible things such as confidence, optimism, and a bit of giddy joy. I loved seeing my mother so happy when she found out that the sizes of the dresses I picked (small to medium) also fit her! 😛

The service is for FREE and it’s now available in Metro Manila and some provinces in the Philippines by invitation or referral only. So if you’re interested, use my referral code, AAC0058H15, to book an appointment with them:

Everyone wants to feel and look their best, and this is where Stylist in Pocket can help. The good thing is that there’s no commitment to buy anything! Payment method can be cash, credit card, debit card, or check (dated on the current day).


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32 Responses

  1. Kita

    I hate shopping so much so that I usually just buy what I think fits and then deal with it later but I know that I need to do better. In the US they have personal stylists but I don’t know if I want to pay them I just need to find a friend who can style good lol

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Having a friend who’s always available to give good styling advice is great. You are so fortunate since not a lot of people have the confidence to ask their friends what to wear so they can look more decent and presentable.

  2. Fernando Lachica

    A new, easy and nive concept of shopping! In the past, whew…never mind, but now, it’s really amazing and comfortable. Well, other online stores will follow suit too? Maybe I think.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yes, you can have your girl friends or family try on the clothes at the same time while you are in one location. Just ask the Stylist in Pocket representative to bring in more clothes that will fit you based on the sizes. 😀

  3. Ourfamilyworld

    I haven’t heard of Stylists in Pocket or The Row until today and oh my, this is definitely better than online shopping! What woman wouldn’t love to be visited by stylists and bring you a rack of stylish clothes that suit your style?

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      SIP is a new and exclusive home shopping service which started last April. Probably the reason why you haven’t heard the buzz about it is because this is only by referral for now. 🙂 We were very happy to spend more than an hour chatting with the stylists about the options.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thanks, Franc! You can get their free service, too, since they have a clothing line also for men. 🙂 I am thinking that your personal style category mostly fall under Corporate Attire as well. Casual clothes are also available.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    You look so great, contented and happy of your experience while enjoying the tasting-fitting of your fave or personal choice of outfit. I could sense how friendly, helpful the store assistants are. This is a good promo. I would rather avail it too when I happen to visit mall here in Bacolod.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thanks, Gil. 🙂 SIP stylists can visit customers who are in the provinces, however I am just not sure if they are able to reach Bacolod by this time. You can try to drop them a message on Facebook to inquire.

  5. Vera Sweeney

    I would love to go shopping there!! What a fun way to have others to pick outfits for you to wear! I love to shop, I think having a personal shopper like that would make for an amazing experience.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      By listening to the advice of the stylists, you can also get to have more confidence and radiate positive energy outwards to all those around you. Try the service for free, use my code, and win PhP 1000 GC that you can use to purchase items in the store. 🙂

  6. lauriel

    Awesome!! I’m a personal stylist/image consultant, and I love the combination of the online and real-life interaction. There are so many ‘easy’ services that try to do it all online, but to get the best assessment and fit for your personal body (and comfort), real life fittings are def the best way to go. I’m impressed that they brought out 92(!!!!) selections for you. Talk about bringing the store to you… Great service, hope it expands over here (in the US)! 🙂

    lauriel of EyeForElegance.com

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Hahaha, US is quite far but we never know, that could be possible in the future. Wow, I think it’s cool to be a personal stylist/image consultant. It must be an amazing feeling to get to watch your client blossom into the person they wish to be and see their confidence and excitement grow when hearing more compliments based on their “new looks.” 🙂

  7. Levy

    this is new to me. I am not comfortable shopping with sales lady following me around, I don’t know if I will be comfortable with stylist too. But, I wish I could try this with someone I know soon.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Haha, you are so right. The difference is that with the sales assistants in the store, you don’t expect them to follow you around and it gets annoying when they observe your every move. On the other hand, with the stylists of SIP, you have the notion that their job is to comment and choose good outfits for you to try. 🙂

  8. sam

    everyone want have a fashion friend that can advise them about the personal design. in my country i can pay to some freelancer who provide the service and act as.the personal style advisor.

    I wonder whether such service is available in manila? if so i would be crazy intresting.

  9. Maria San Pedro

    I am in my mid 60s. I like to be.confident in my choice of clothes but regretfully I think I don’t have style. I am plain and old. Do you think I can change my situatiin?


    My mom and sister from US are coming in January. They will be attending a wedding in Cebu. Motiff is Pink or old rose. My mom is 84 years old but still bagets. My sister is fifty. Medyo chubby. Arriving on Jan 9 leaving for Cebu on the 12th . No time to shop around for dress.

  11. Marivel L. Garces

    How to contact your shop? I am from Cebu, do you happened to have one here? I love the dress in Royal blue with flowers, but I am a 6o year old woman. I needed this for our sapphire alumni homecoming, hope I can afford. If u have other royal blue dresses designs, I love also to see more.

    Thank u.

  12. Christine

    It’s wonderful to hear about your positive interaction with Stylist in Pocket! I value how this service combines the ease of online shopping with the in-person advice of qualified stylists because I am a personal stylist myself. It’s wonderful to hear that they provide access to fresh looks and take care of styling requirements, enabling customers like you to broaden their horizons in terms of fashion and feel good about their decisions. The importance of personal stylists in enhancing one’s wardrobe and confidence is highlighted in your blog post. Continue to explore and have fun on your fashion journey.

    Personal Stylist


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