For many of us going on holiday means booking a flight and a hotel, sitting by the pool, chilling out and having a few drinks, and although there’s nothing at all wrong with this type of vacation there are other options. We already know what to expect from a hotel. We should consider alternative forms of accommodation and for various reasons, it can offer new experiences, closer access to attractions and even save you a huge amount of money!

The 5 Best Alternative Forms of Vacation Accommodation


The emergence of Airbnb has been a revelation in terms of flexible accommodation. The system allows anyone to rent out their property in a low-key and casual fashion. You can find anything from a single room to a luxury apartment or house. It’s easy to browse, search and read reviews and ratings for each accommodation. This way is good for both parties and can get you a real bargain of a deal. 


If you haven’t heard of glamping in the last decade or so we can safely assume you’ve been living under a rock somewhere. But although it’s well known, for some reason not that many people have taken the opportunity up yet. It combines all the fun of outdoor holidays but in a luxury fashion. Glamping tents, cabins, and pods have all the home comforts you can think of, furniture, heating and even TV and home cinema systems. 

Camper Vans 

Why make your accommodation mobile? A camper van or RV can take you on the road, solving your accommodation and transport in one go. Many campsites are as good as holiday parks in the features and services they provide. You can easily hire a camper or even get an old vehicle and convert it into your vehicle, check out this great Parked In Paradise conversion guide. 


One way of making a vacation your own is to consider the possibility of taking on a rental of a self-catering apartment. Often the first reaction to this is no-way! We are on vacation to get away from it all and why would we want to cook? Well, it gives you the flexibility of timetable for a start, you are not going to be constricted by a certain time you have to be down for breakfast, for example. Also, you are going to be able to eat exactly what you like, and providing you are all culinary-minded then you can take turns cooking and it won’t be so bad.


Why not stay on the water? This can be something particularly different from a traditional hotel experience. One way of doing this in luxury is to book yourself on a cruise. A cruise will give you the experience of style and glamour and you are also getting the best of both worlds as you can travel around, visiting different port cities and areas and taking in culture as well. Or if you are good on the seas why not rent a sailboat and go wherever your fancy takes you.


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