Whether it’s summer or rainy season, one thing is the same: ice cream is delicious! While we can’t go out as much as we want to because of the community quarantine, we can still get our ice cream fix thanks to GrabFood, LalaFood, FoodPanda, and restaurants and cafes that deliver straight to homes. Recently, we’re happy to learn that Black Scoop Cafe has launched their newest sundae ice cream pints. These come in three exciting flavors: Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl, Black Mascarpone with Graham, and Halo Halo Surprise.

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The Newest Scoop at Black Scoop Cafe: Sundae Ice Cream Pints!

These Black Scoop ice cream flavors are all good. There’s no wrong choice. But if I were to choose only one, it has to be the Black Mascarpone with Graham, which gets its black color from activated charcoal. Ice cream with graham will have you wondering where it has been all of your life. 😉 It’s equal parts adorable and genius. A must-try!

When you’re in the mood for ice cream, milk tea, or both, Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl gets you covered. What makes this brown sugar ice cream even better are the pearls that start out solid especially when frozen then slowly thaw and turn out chewy. We removed the pint from the freezer for about 30 minutes before serving. Eating ice cream with pearls is a different experience because once the creamy part is gone, the pearls remain in the mouth to prolong the fun.

Our yaya tried the three flavors and her best bet is the Halo Halo Surprise. Everything was perfect – the texture, the taste, the creaminess of the ube ice cream. It is nice that there are actual halo halo ingredient inside mangoes – something to bite. Enjoy this swirl goodness at home as a snack, dessert, or even an appetizer. Talk about getting your priorities straight.

If the Black Scoop To-Go Pints collection intrigues you, don’t let the weather dictate when you can and can’t have these treats. Get them from Black Scoop Cafe at only P185 each via GrabFood for home delivery or straight from their store. 🙂 They’re best consumed immediately as these are sundae swirls with fresh toppings and best shared with your loved ones.



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