Pimples and acne alone can be annoying enough. Having a scar left behind just makes it worse. Acne scars can create a permanent or long-lasting textural change in the surface of the skin. If you’re wondering how acne scars happen, well the answer is simple — Improper treatment. 

Acne is caused by an inflammation, which will most likely develop into a scar when it heals. Depending on the sensitivity or how prone a person’s skin is to acne, the scar can get deeper and wider. The best way to remove acne scars is to either have it taken care of by a professional who specializes in acne scar treatments.

You may have stumbled upon this article because you are worried about your acne and you’re searching for ways to prevent acne scar development. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Isn’t it better to start preventing acne scars from happening rather than having them treated? The easiest way to do so is to avoid doing these bad habits that we’ll mention in this article. 

Things You’re Doing Wrong That Leads To Acne Scarring

1. Popping Your Pimples

Some may think that popping their pimple or acne can help get rid of them quickly. What they don’t know is that this is what causes the acne scars and blemishes. When you try to squeeze your pimple, you’re pushing the bacterias further into the skin. This will automatically lead to scarring. Instead of popping your pimple, try applying topical creams that will help make them get smaller and it will soon fade away on its own.

2. Excessive Face Cleansing

Facial cleansing is one of the most important daily routines. But, too much of it won’t do any good. If you think that washing your face three to four times a day will help keep your face away from pimple breakouts, you thought wrong. Instead, what happens is your face gets dry and irritated. This can also lead to excessive oil production. Washing your face twice a day (once in the morning and at night before going to bed) is enough to keep the face clean.

3. Not Washing The Face Properly

Our advice to you, don’t just use any kind of facial cleansing products. Some products can be too strong for some skin types. There are three types of skin: oily, dry, and combination of both. If you have oily skin, we advise that you go for a facial cleanser that contains exfoliating substances. This can help lessen oil production. For dry skin, go for organic products and lessen the use of exfoliating products. Make sure to apply moisturiser from time to time to keep the skin hydrated. Also, make sure that the washcloth you use to wipe your face is clean to avoid pimple breakouts. Some people tend to rub their faces with the towel and this just irritates the skin. 

4. Your Phone is Covered With Dirt

Believe it or not, our mobile phones can be dirtier than toilet bowls. Our hands can sweat without us noticing it. And this oil and sweat can stay on the phone for some time. We tend to hold our faces while holding or after holding our phones. This means that we’re transferring the oils and bacterias from our phone to our face. Make sure to clean your mobile phone from time to type to at least lessen the bacteria it carries.

5. Discontinuing Acne Scar Treatments

People should know that acne scar treatments do not work immediately. Learning how to be patient can help them a lot. Some over-the-counter acne products may not work for some or may take some time to work. But if you want to get immediate results, the best way to achieve that is to seek help from a dermatologist. If you are not ready for cosmetic treatment procedures, these doctors will advise you the right acne scar products. But you will have to be patient with the results. Trust me, the wait will be worth it. 


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