St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. There are a large number of museums and historical buildings that are included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. The city is full of churches, palaces, and parks. Several rivers and canals flow through St. Petersburg. One of the most recognizable symbols of the city is drawbridges.

You will definitely not be bored in this city. In addition to traditional attractions, there are many unusual things that can make your trip even more fun and exciting. In this list, we have collected the most popular entertainments of St. Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg Metro

The first stations of the St. Petersburg metro were built in the middle of the last century. Each of them was constructed according to a special project and had an original design. Today, these stations look like palaces and are very different from those that you can see in Europe. They are decorated with marble, glass, metal, and mosaics.

Rooftop Tours

The peculiarity of urban development in St. Petersburg is connected with the law, which was adopted in the 18th century. It forbade the construction of buildings above the Winter Palace. That is why all the buildings in the historical center have the same height. This phenomenon is called ‘skyline’. You can see the city at a glance, just join the rooftop tour. Such excursions are especially good during the White Nights season when you can see the city in all its splendor.

Cruiser Aurora

This cruiser is a symbol of the Russian Revolution of 1917. A ship that took part in the battles of the First World War and was sunk during the siege of Leningrad today is a museum. You can climb onto its deck, as well as inspect the technical compartments and crew cabins. There are many different exhibits in the halls and rooms of the cruiser Aurora.

Peterhof Palace

St. Petersburg was the capital where Russian monarchs lived. They built suburban palaces. Today these royal residences are museums. The summer palace of Peter the Great is often called the Russian Versailles, although many believe that it surpasses the French palace in beauty and scope. It is definitely a must-see attraction. 191 fountains and 4 cascades are located in the Lower Park. Moreover, Peterhof palace-park ensemble includes the Grand Peterhof Palace, Marly and Monplaisir palaces and the Hermitage Pavilion. Each of them has a museum.

Old Revenue Houses

St. Petersburg is famous for revenue buildings – apartment houses, which were rented to wealthy citizens. The best architects and engineers of that time were engaged in the design of those buildings. Today, most of the apartment houses are residential buildings where ordinary people live. Many apartments still have communal apartments. Local guides organize many different excursions by the revenue houses with communal flats.


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