Bringing your baby home is one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your life. While you want everything to be perfect, it can be difficult to manage your budget to accommodate for your new bundle of joy while making sure the baby’s bedroom has everything you want and need.

Did you know the average bedroom renovation costs between $2,500 and $9,000? From college to a family vacation, think of all the other things you could spend that money in the future. You want your new baby’s nursery to be comfortable, beautiful and well-organized, but you don’t want to spend excessively on your baby’s room when you have so many other expenses to worry about during this amazing time in your life.

After upgrading from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment, you will want to make sure your baby’s room is all set before the baby arrives. But don’t get overwhelmed, there are ways to create an amazing space and keep to your budget.

3 Budget-Friendly Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

1. Bring Your Memories into Your Baby’s Room

More and more parents are looking for a sophisticated bedroom design for their little ones. One way you can achieve this on a budget is to use some of your existing furniture in the baby’s room. If you have a great leather ottoman, repurpose as a footrest with your rocking chair. Or bring in the recliner instead of a glider.

Instead of buying baby art or generic baby decor, use photos you already have to decorate the baby’s room. This will give the nursery a more personalized feeling and bring some of your stories into the space.

Your baby will wake up several times throughout the night: crying, screaming, and restless. You’re going to spend time rocking the baby back to sleep and nursing the baby. If you fill your baby’s room with memories from your life, you will feel more relaxed during these stressful times. As your baby grows, you can replace some photos with pictures of your baby and keep some, so you can share stories of your experiences with your baby as they grow.

You can even design an art wall that you can update from time to time as you create more memories with your new baby.

2. Purchase Convertible Furniture and Other Items

It can be difficult to know what you’ll need for your baby in the future. But there are a few things you’ll only need for the first year or two. For your baby’s crib and changing table, think about how you can adapt them to work as your baby grows and ditch the classic diaper bag. Here’s a good resource on how to choose a diaper: Diapers guide by

When it comes to a crib, your newborn will only sleep in it for about a year and a half to two years before scaling the side and wandering about your home. Instead of investing in a crib and a kid’s bed, find a crib that will convert into a bed when the time comes. You can even find cribs that will go from a crib to a twin bed to a full or queen size.

You will also want to find a crib with a changing table attachment that converts into a dresser or wardrobe. Then you can slowly replace diapers and rash cream with your baby’s clothes and toys.

Another thing you will want to consider is your diaper bag. These can be quite cumbersome and look very ‘new mom.’ Instead of getting the powder pink diaper bag, (which might look silly if you have a second child and it’s a boy), purchase a backpack or tote that will work as your child grows. Backpacks are great because they won’t slip off your shoulder and they free up your hands.

3. Create Your Own Decor

While you’re waiting for the baby to arrive, spend your time creating some of those amazing baby wall decorations or bedroom designs yourself.

Create a pennant wall-hanging with crafting or scrapbook paper, ribbon, and dowels. This is pretty straightforward: choose paper that has a color scheme that matches your theme. Then cut out your baby’s name or a word that will inspire the rest of your baby room decor. Some cute ideas include “girls rule” or “hello honey” with a bumblebee.  You can even do a one letter per pennant design and hang it over the crib.

A D.I.Y. chalkboard is a great craft project that will last. You can paint a rectangular area over your baby’s crib, dresser, or toy box with chalkboard paint. Put an old picture frame around the painted area for a little more elegance, then having some fun with chalk. Draw a sailboat or flowers. Even a bunny rabbit is an adorable idea for a kid’s room. Include your child’s name or an inspirational quote. You can even write the first thing you thought when you saw your bundle of joy for the first time.

Another way to bring in the with chalk paint is to paint the top of an old trunk and use it as a toy box. Update that old bulking furniture for some fun flair.

When it comes to creating an inviting baby space that will grow with your little one, incorporate your past and think about the future. Repurpose what you have and purchase items that will grow with your little one.

Congratulations on becoming a parent! And remember to save where you can so you can keep traveling and creating memories with your little one. 🙂


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