If you’re a travel junkie, then you have a true appreciation for the beauty in the world around you. Whether you love the sands of the Sahara Desert, the shimmering lights of Las Vegas, or the deep blue waters of Santorini, the fact remains the same that the beauty you encounter and the memories you create on your trips are priceless.

Traveling gives people new life experiences and opens your mind and eyes to a world of creativity and inspiration. In fact, people who frequently travel have their homes decorated in travel-themed decor (when they are home). Decorating your home in travel decor is a great way to showcase your traveling experiences and adventures.

Sometimes, your travel experiences are so grand that you don’t want to ever leave. In some cases, people do actually move to their favorite travel destination, but if you’re not able to do that, then a great way to keep your memories alive is to bring your favorite traveling experience home with you, and I’m not just talking about pictures and postcards either!

Bringing your traveling experiences home with you means incorporating every aspect of your travels. From the food to the fashion, to the entertainment! It’s not something you have to do every day, but if travel is something you love, then it is a part of you. So, grab your swimsuit or swim trunks and dive into these fun ways to bring your favorite traveling experiences into your home!

3 Fun Ways to Bring Your Favorite Traveling Experiences Into Your Home

Recreate Meals From Your Favorite Restaurant Destinations

When you visit other destinations away from home, one of the main things that people love to experience is the food. There are certain foods that are common among many places but depending on where you’re visiting, the way a particular dish is made can be totally different than what you’re used to!

A great way to incorporate your travels into your home is to recreate some of the meals you’ve eaten during your travels. Let’s say you took a trip to the Philippines and had a craving for a juicy steak, so you hunt for a restaurant and run into Red Baron Ribs in Banawe, Quezon City.

Red Baron Ribs does a different take on steaks! In the U.S. (and many other places) steaks are typically seasoned in an assortment of flavors and spices in a rub, then grilled, for the most part. At Red Baron Ribs, you can experience a steak seasoned without a rub, deep fried in a tortilla shell, sitting on a bed of rice.  A steak like that is nothing you’ve ever experienced before, so why not recreate that meal at home. It could be your way of paying homage to your trip to the Philippines!

Bring Aspects From the Luxury Hotels Home

When you stayed at some of the luxury hotels during your trips, you fell in love with every aspect of the rooms. From the gorgeous views to the plushness of the hotel beds. Luckily, you can bring the luxuries of those hotels home with you!

In luxury hotels, the main luxurious aspect is the bed. The pillows are nice and fluffy and the bedding is so soft and plush that it made you feel like you were sleeping on a cloud! You slept so well that you didn’t want to leave. One way to bring the bedding aspect home is to create a luxurious sleeping environment with upscale bedding.

Another great way to relive the luxuries of your hotel experiences is to invest in plush robes. Most 5-star hotels have two plush robes awaiting its guests in the bathrooms of the rooms. They’re typically white and look like an ordinary robe, but once you put it on, your body is immediately covered in comfort. Try accompanying your luxury bedding with a warm and cozy robe, and see how quickly you will relive your fondest travel experiences in comfort.

Put Destinations and Souvenirs on Display

During your travels, I’m sure you picked up several souvenirs as keepsakes to your traveling adventures. Souvenirs can come in all different forms too. Some people like to collect shot glasses while others like to put magnets from their travels on display on their refrigerator!

A creative way to display some of your souvenirs is to use vintage suitcases as shelves. You can have them staggered along a wall showcasing pictures, figurines, and otherworldly treasures you’ve collected. You can also stack those vintage suitcases on your floors as an end table. On that, you can display a globe or a framed postcard of a destination you’ve visited.

Another great way to display your love of travel is to have a wall dedicated to maps. You can have a printed map on your wall and mark all the places you’ve been to with push pins. It’s a great reminder of where you’ve been and an inspiration of places you want to travel to next!


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