It’s the digital era but people are still giving away the printed business cards. Why? Handing someone a business card may seem superfluous nowadays, since we can easily exchange messages on social media and email or just input a mobile phone number quickly and send a short text message. In any case, in the “business world” or corporate world, the “old-fashioned paper rectangle” is still the faster, easier and preferable way to share business contact information with prospect clients, partners and suppliers. Business card printing is culturally appropriate and it adds legitimacy and trust in the business.

I have my own set of business cards for work, but I think I need a separate deck for my personal blogging profile. Whenever I attend bloggers’ events, I just state my name, email address, and phone number and hope that people won’t get any of the information spelled or typed incorrectly. Oh, trust me, they do—most of the time, so I almost always have to enunciate that it’s Kirstin and not Kristin. 🙂 This goes both for my name, email, and all of my social media account handles.

Sometimes it’s great to have a unique name, but delivering it quickly in one breath wouldn’t save time. A calling card would minimize the room for error and smooth the process. Also, a well-designed one helps make a lasting good impression.

Finding a Business Card Printing Company Online

Thanks to Google search, finding a business card supplier in the Philippines didn’t require much time and effort. I browsed through about five sites and decided to try Sky Plus Print. Here’s why:

  • Templates and custom options: Sky Plus Print offers a range of well-designed and curated premade templates for both personal and professional branding, along with add-on features such as finishes, print sides, card orientation, etc. The site is also equipped with a design tool where users can edit a pre-designed template or upload their own from scratch. There are available stock images and icons to choose from. Users are able to upload designs and backgrounds and insert a QR code to personalize the card more. All changes are reflected and can be previewed in real time.
  • Intuitive web interface: It’s easy to figure out how to navigate the site. The flow is intuitive from choosing a design to work on to the checkout process (billing information → shipping information → shipping method via 2go Express → payment information: credit card, bank deposit, payment center, gcash, and PayPal → order review).

Designing My Own Business Card

The two primary purposes of my business card are to represent my brand and provide contact information. I believe that simplicity is powerful, hence after three revisions I made myself, I finally opted for a clean and minimal card design. Here are some screenshots of the customization page:

Giveaway for Followers

In case you’re interested to try Sky Plus Print’s service and are thrilled to join a contest, here’s a giveaway for you! Simply follow all the mandatory steps to get entries. Extra points will be credited when you also follow the optional steps. This will start from tomorrow, February 9, 2019, and a winner will be drawn on February 16, 2019. Prize is a free order of a premium stack of business cards by Sky Plus Print. 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To know more about Sky Plus Print and their business card printing services, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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19 Responses

  1. Glenda Cates

    I keep saying I need to get business cards made so I can’t wait to check out this new company and see if they have cards that will fit my business.

  2. candy

    I don’t see as many people using business cards anymore but we don’t live in the big city. Great for those wanting business cards. Good luck on you give a way

  3. cait

    this reminds me of how i need to make my own business cards ha- thanks so much for this great tutorial too! love the screen shots to make it easier for us visual learners ha

  4. Melissa Chapman

    Having a good card is a great way to advertise and may be a little more personal than just sending an email. A catchy design on your cards can work so well for a blogger and make them stand out.

  5. Shelley King

    I need new business cards and was actually discussing this last week. I love the fact you can design your own. Sometimes company’s give you what you can choose from and that’s it!

  6. Alyssa

    I lived in asia briefly a few years ago and I was amazed how important business cards are there!! I still have an album with all of my cards in it. 🙂

  7. Ashley

    It looks like they make making business cards easy. Great contest for business owners, I know I need new cards.

  8. Heather

    I am a graphic designer so I usually design my own, but services like this are great for people that don’t have a designer background.

  9. Beth

    I know that people usually recommend having a business card when you go to a conference. I have some, but I rarely give them out except at a conference.

  10. Lynndee

    I do believe that less is more. That being said, I like how you designed your card…simple but really nice and very professional looking.

  11. Katrina Ellen

    Having a printed business card is so beneficial. Lots of people want to have something physical to reference.


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