Stylish accessories at home, at work and even on our travels can not only make us feel good and make us shine, but they can also be practical. The best accessories make us feel more confident and all-round happy. Here are some of the latest accessories that could soon be your favourites, including jewellery, stylish bags for all occasions and innovative technology accessories that help you get best from the gadgets you already use at home.


Quality and colour

Nothing dresses up an outfit quite as well as quality jewellery, with fun 2020 trends to experiment with and colourful jewellery on the runway of most fashion houses now finding their way into stores. Gold and silver are now joined with an explosion of colour, with bright floral 24k gold earrings as well as long beaded necklaces. Mix up the colours in your jewellery for a fun yet stylish look, sure to impress.

The single earring

The single earring is also popular this season, on the catwalks of Tibi, Marc Jacobs and many others. All you need is an earring that makes a big enough statement on its own. If you have a medium or large-sized earring, bear in mind that “less is more”, so consider drop earring in a bright colour or choose a tougher, more angular style.


Classic pearls remain on-trend in 2020 in every shape and style from baroque to classic, including headpieces to really shine in the crowd. You can wear pearls every day and never tire of the look, or instantly upgrade a look with a pearl choker.

Innovative technology

UltraLight for smartphones

Customised mobile lighting is a piece of innovative technology that will vastly improve the pictures you take on your phone when the light is low. The innovative Moon UltraLight is a new, ultra-portable lighting with intuitive touch controls that customises brightness to take the best pictures in dim or dark locations. It also has a vast number of what it calls “colour temperatures” that create better quality pictures of those of us with darker skin tones. Best of all, it fits nearly all phones and cases and is easy to take on your travels.

Soundbar or speaker

There are soundbars, and then there stylish soundbars for your home. And then there is Vizio’s new Elevate soundbar with its turning speaker pods at each end of the 48-inch bar that automatically rotates upward when the bar detects sounds which then bounce off the ceiling for immersive sound. When finished, the pods resume their forward-firing position for better stereo sound. It has Chromecast built-in and even includes voice-assistant compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa.


There is so much inspiration for a new bag this season. There are drawstring styles right through to structured cube bags, so you are sure to find something that will suit have a practical purpose, but most importantly, make you feel like a million dollars.

There are on-trend vintage-looking floral styles across all designs or choose citrus orange as the new neon which looks great against neutral tones. You might want a practical sling bag, great for comfortable travelling because it leaves your hands free and if you choose one with an adjustable strap, this can be worn on the shoulder and as a crossbody.

At the other end of the scale are micro bags for the minimalist that can hold just your phone, wallet and keys or perhaps your Earbuds, lipstick and credit card. Or try a tote made from wicker, raffia, straw and other natural fibre materials are also on-trend.

wicker bags on trend 2020


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