For the travel lovers out there, the recent outbreak of COVID19 has put a halt to all the great plans for travel we had for the year ahead. But instead of letting it get you down, take this time to do some research and add even more places to your dream travel list.

While you’re indulging in some “armchair travel” and adding to your must-see places, take some time to check out Toronto with a virtual tour of this amazing Canadian city. We’ve rounded up some of the best things to do and see when you get the chance to visit.

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Armchair Travel: A Quick Trip to Toronto

1. High Park

Toronto is known for its regular and well kept green spaces – just one of the many cited reasons to move to Toronto and take advantage of everything the city has to offer, but also a big draw for visitors to the city, too. High Park is one of the most popular spots in Toronto to take a weekend jaunt. 

You’ll enter through ornate gates before taking a stroll through gorgeous meadows and shady woodland. In the spring, High Park is most famous for the sight of its many cherry trees in full bloom. 

2. Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is the largest in Canada and spans over 287 hectares. While you’ll see a huge variety of animals, Toronto Zoo is best known for the engaging and entertaining animal experiences on offer. 

You can meet the zookeepers and actually interact with animals at different times throughout the day. There is even a public gallery in the animal healthcare center where, if you’re lucky, you might get to watch the vets at work with animals of all shapes and sizes.

3. The Eaton Centre

It wouldn’t be a city experience without the opportunity for a serious shopping spree. Besides that, Toronto can get pretty hot and humid in the summer, so diving into a shopping mall to pick up some souvenirs and take advantage of the air con is a must.

The Eaton Centre is the busiest mall in North America, largely due to its central location and its easy access to public transit. You’ll find everything you need there, from a large Nordstrom department store right down to the extensive variety in the large food court.

4. Canada’s Wonderland

This is especially worth a trip for families, but Wonderland offers something for “kids” of all ages. This 134-hectare theme park is located a little way outside the main Toronto drag in Vaughan.

From thrilling roller coasters to a stroll through the park and fountains and a variety of carnival games and activities, this theme park is not to be missed on your trip to Toronto.

5. Yonge-Dundas Square

One of the most bustling spots in Toronto is Yonge-Dundas Square. This hive of activity is full of crowds, bright lights, and entertainment. It’s reminiscent of Times Square in New York, and really brings the city’s energy home to visitors and locals alike.

During the summer, you can stop at the square to enjoy free concerts, drop into the Eaton Centre, or dine at one of the many restaurants lining the square.  

6. The Beaches

Every city has it’s exclusive neighborhoods, and The Beaches is exactly that for Toronto. Take advantage of the gorgeous walking paths along the lakeshore or through extensive woodland. Even a stroll along the residential streets is peaceful, and it’s fun to take a gander at the beautiful houses and mansions that call The Beaches home.

7. Fort York

If you’re interested in history, Fort York is a collection of military buildings and barracks from the early 19th century, primarily built by the British and Canadians to defend against the newly independent United States. A battle was fought there in 1813, and the site is now home to a museum, guided tours, and historic re-enactments in April to commemorate the 1813 battle. 

This is just a peek into what this bustling, multicultural city has to offer. But, hopefully, this virtual tour has inspired you to add Toronto to your travel list.

Places Not to Miss in Toronto Canada – Infographic


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