You go on vacation to get away from it all, so naturally, you want the best, don’t you? It should be relaxing and luxurious but as with everything our budget only stretches so far. So how can we get the best out of our limited budget? Here we look at a few ways to make the best out of a vacation while not maxing out your funds.

5 Ways to Make Your Vacation More Stylish Without Costing the Earth 


Have you ever tried house-sitting? It’s a great way to get cheap, or even sometimes free accommodation at times. It’s a real win-win situation as home-owners sometimes need a house looked after to be secure in the knowledge it won’t be burgled while away or to have the pets looked after rather than put them in a kennel. This means that you can become a house-sitter and often get to stay in stunning properties in fantastic areas. 

Eat Out at Lunch or in Local Areas 

Eating out can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Why not consider having your lunches out as often restaurants have a similar menu and the same quality at lunch but at a reduced price leaving you ahead on cash. Also look at restaurants in less touristy areas, a good rule of thumb is if you see lots of locals eating there it’s likely to be OK, and often much cheaper. 

Hire Accommodation that Moves You! 

Have you ever considered hiring a mode of transport that also doubles as your accommodation? Options include touring across the USA in an RV, or something like opting to rent a boat in Croatia. These are often expensive-seeming options at first glance but the money you save on hotels actually makes it quite a saver in the end. 

Choose a Budget-Conscious Location

If you are not dead set on one particular location then it’s always fruitful to consider those other fantastic destinations that may give just as good an experience at a much lower price. For example, if you choose to travel around Southeast Asia rather than Europe the cost of everything tends to be that little bit cheaper and this will all add up over a few weeks.

There are some handy guides online, such as this one, that give ideas on some of the least expensive options and it’s a good thing to keep in mind, although certain suggestions would only be taken up by a fairly brave traveler, Iran, for example! 

Visit Free Attractions

When traveling around one of the most expensive aspects can be visiting attractions. Even the cost of entry on its own to some places can cost into the hundreds of dollars for a visit. But if you plan properly in advance you can find places that are less expensive or free, many places such as galleries or historical places of interest. It’s a good strategy to mix in some of those types of places to help your budget.


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