When you have time to go to the spa, get your nails done and spend a few hours in the hair salon, there are a thousand and one hairstyles you could choose, varying in color, length, and thickness. However, when you have to work every single day for 6-8 hours, you might soon lose the momentum of the hairstyle you wear.

The last thing a working woman wants to deal with is spending the first hour of their morning figuring out a hairstyle for the day. Before you get complacent and completely let go of yourself in matters of hairstyle, here are the top best six office-ready hairstyles that can work for you when you are in a hurry.

Top 6 Best Office-Ready Hairstyles When You Are in a Hurry

  1. The Big Bun

All your worries about a bad hair day can be washed away by rocking a big bun to work. All your hair is tied together at the back or center of your head, depending on your preference. It is an easy hairstyle to do because all you need is to gather your hair in a high pony and then start twisting it to a bun.  Be careful that it is not too tight that it will give you a migraine at work. If you worry for your thin hair, try using the sock bun method that will help you get a perfect texture for the bun. This look is chic and ready for a formal setting, without stray hairs playing around your face all day long.

  1. The Easy Pinup

There is no better time to put your bobby pins to good work like with the easy pin-up hairstyle. The idea is to pin up your hair away from your face while maintaining some volume to your hairstyle. Ideally, for women with thin hair, you can spray your hair well to add some volume to it. Keep it random and voluminous as per your preference. Ensure you do not leave out any hair strands unpinned so that you can end up with a clean hairstyle.

  1. Half Crown Braid

Have you ever wanted to wear the hair down appropriately and off your face but you fear your hair is too long for the style? Well, you can get away with it with the half-crown braid. The hairstyle is an easy one because all you need is to section a small portion of your hair, on both sides of the head, just above the ears and plait each section to form a braid. Afterward, roll them back around the head and secure them with a bobby pin.

  1. Simple French Roll

A French roll is a pretty chic hairstyle that you do not have to sweat making it. The idea is to brush your hair into the justify side and then pull the hair from justify to right, rolling the ends around your hand. With your bobby pins, tuck the roll in place, by pushing bobby pins into the right side of the roll.

  1. Easy Chignon

If you want an easy yet fashionable style, go for the easy chignon. Section the sides of your hair and then create a bun with the bottom section of the hair. Once the bun is ready, twist the side hairs into the bun, and secure everything with some pins.

  1. Modern Messy Bun

On a casual workday, you do not have to go over-the-top with your hairstyle. A good old stylish messy bun can do the trick. Brush your hair up into a loose bun that is wiggled up but tightly secured, so it doesn’t just fall off in the middle of the day.

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