Zennya is like the Uber or Grab for massages in Metro Manila. It’s an on-demand app delivering trained massage therapists to your home. Services are ordered and delivered through a mobile app, and in about 30 to 40 minutes, a highly skilled and carefully vetted practitioner will be at your door. Zennya follows strict quality standards and protocols representing current industry best practices. I recently tried it for the first time and had a good experience.

Use my Zennya referral code “rochkirstind344” and get Php 200 off your first booking.

A brief background: I always have a back pain since I work about 10 hours sitting with a bad posture in the office. It’s difficult to avoid the pitfalls of sitting and slouching. I think my husband is already used to hearing my complains. He’s kind and patient to accommodate my massage requests sometimes. 😛

He himself also loves receiving massages. In fact, he has visited and tried almost every massage center in our area in Quezon City. One day through online search, he discovered Zennya and has booked massage therapists using the app several times ever since. After maybe his fourth try, he recommended me to use it as well. I used his code and got a ₱200 discount instantly.

Zennya: Convenient Home Massage Service

Types of Massages Available: The Zennya app offers different types of massages and lets you choose between a male and female therapist.

  • Swedish Aromatherapy: Medium pressure massage using long gliding strokes with organic essential oil aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and induce sleep
  • Swedish Therapeutic: Deep massage using signature balm and Swedish movements to release tight muscle groups
  • Shiatsu: A manipulative therapy developed in Japan and incorporating techniques of anma (Japanese traditional massage), acupressure, stretching, and Western massage
  • Thai Foot Massage: Massage therapy focusing on the lower legs and feet using a stick to stimulate pressure points, as well as stretching and deep tissue massage techniques
  • Office Syndrome Therapy: An intense therapeutic session to treat repetitive postural stress using multiple advanced massage modalities (can be performed while sitting in office or home)

I chose the Office Syndrome Therapy since I thought the description suit me best. 🙂

Massage Duration: You can decide how long you’d like your massage to be and you can book your massage right away. The duration can be from an hour to an hour and a half long. You can also see the duration remaining on your phone screen once the session has started.

Communication and Tracking: Once a therapist is located and is matched to your profile, you may send instant messages through the Zennya app and see the updated location on the app’s map in real time. You can also track the therapist’s arrival and receive notifications as they arrive.

Massage Therapists: Zennya therapists are accredited by the Philippines’ health department or the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. They are required to submit pertinent documents such as identification and police clearance, so you can be rest assured that you’ll be inviting and welcoming someone trusted in your home. The therapists are equipped with the high quality organic massage oils and aromatherapy and accompanied with ambient massage background music.

Ratings: Similar to Uber, Zennya has a five-star rating system which allows customers to rate their masseuse and the masseuse to also rate the customers. The quick rating and feedback will help the company weed out bad service providers and also customers, so both sides are protected. The bi-directional rating system encourages all users to be on their best behavior and promotes quality.

Favorite Option: By default, Zennya assigns the therapist nearest to your home when you book an appointment. But you also have the option to set your preferred therapists as “favorites.” In this case, the request will go to your favorite therapist the next time you book.

Cashless Transaction and Tipping: No cash at home? Don’t fret. You can pay through credit card or PayPal. I used my PayPal account and the payment was securely processed within the app. It saves the hassle of having to withdraw from an ATM, especially at night. I received an email receipt (digital invoice) after the massage. Cashless transactions provide full traceability on every service and eliminate problems related to available change, invalid currency or identity of both parties.

Reasons Why I Prefer Home Massage Service

1. Save on travel time
If you’re busy and don’t have the time or patience to brave the traffic and travel to a spa or massage center, a home massage service is a great option. Life can be demanding and the good news is that you don’t have to spend more of your precious time getting dressed, preparing, and driving to and fro the spa. Booking an appointment with Zennya is way easier. Just lie back or sit down and get your body massage within half an hour after booking.

2. Choose your own mood
While spas spend a lot of thought and money in their environs, there really is no place like home! You can watch Netflix, your favorite TV shows, listen to a podcast, or play your own soothing music just the way you like it. You can even light your own scented candles or darken the room to create a more relaxing ambiance, while the masseuse gives you the body massage of your dreams.

3. Stay relaxed after the massage
The best part is that I can relax at home and not have to deal with the outside world after the massage. I hate it when I have to drive back home after getting pampered from a massage center. It’s as if the relaxation soon leaves as soon as I step out of the salon. A body massage is meant to relax the body and not cause stress afterwards. With a body massage at home, I can easily fall off to sleep while the masseuse lets herself out.

4. Feel in charge
Book in seconds, arrange your own schedule, choose the massage type, and a vetted, background-checked massage therapist comes to you in less than an hour.

Office Syndrome Therapy by Zennya

Because of modern lifestyle and work schedule, I sit for long periods. This causes muscular stress and postural damage. The Office Syndrome Therapy includes high pressure, targeted structural massage modalities that are best suited to address this type of chronic pain. It is specially designed to target common symptoms associated with workplace stress injuries including carpel tunnel, locked shoulders, and stress based migraines.

Wrap Up

Massages are a great way to ease out the stresses of the day. It works out uncomfortable knots and tightness and also helps with other muscle-related injuries.

With Zennya, you get everything you want in a massage: quality, convenience, access, value, and security. Take control of your health by choosing services to match your care need through a beautifully designed mobile app that allows you to order the services you need on your time and schedule. The Zennya app is available on both the App Store and Play Store.

Ready to get a massage from the experts? Use my Zennya referral code “rochkirstind344” and get Php 200 off your first booking. Enjoy! 🙂

Date Published: 08/08/2018
4 / 5 stars


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