When it comes to skin care and beauty products, I prefer those that are made with natural ingredients as much as possible. To color my hair regrowth, once again, I contemplated between getting my hair done professionally in a salon or doing it at home myself. Apart from the hair regrowth, brassy hues and copper tones were also revealing a lot which I find unflattering.

I looked through claims of salons that use natural or less synthetic hair dyes, researched the brands they carry, and saw some offenders. The term “natural” could easily be misinterpreted. Some hair dye solutions may be ammonia-free but may still contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide, resorcinol, and parabens. These chemicals are quite harsh and can harden and thin the hair, and they’re thought to irritate the skin, eyes, bladder, and respiratory system. They are also suspected to be endocrine-disrupting chemicals that interfere with the production, action and/or elimination of our naturally present hormones.

Hence, ultimately, to clear all doubts, purchasing a box of natural hair dye at Healthy Options seemed to be the safest bet. Healthy Options carries a wide variety of all-natural hair dyes, but among all, Naturigin and Herbatint are brands that caught my attention the most. Both are developed with certified organic ingredients. They are great healthy alternatives to mainstream hair dye and are recommended if you’re like me who do not want to compromise your love for freshly colored locks. This time, I opted to try Naturigin in Dark Coffee Brown 3.0 (PhP 1095).

Review of Naturigin Dark Coffee Brown Natural Hair Color

Naturigin permanent hair color is 100% free from ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, SLS, and PPD. It has a naturally derived formula, with a special blend of 12 natural oils and extracts that nourish and protect the hair while coloring. What I also love about Naturigin is that it’s cruelty free and vegan, which is amazing. For the packaging, it uses sustainable wind energy and environmentally-friendly 100% recyclable FSC materials.

I could have a stylist apply the hair color, but the packaging already includes a printed step-by-step guideline which looked very easy to follow. It also contained a set of disposable hand gloves, so a DIY application at home should be fine.

I used one box of Naturigin and just followed the instructions. There are three different products for three different steps marked with A, B and C for the order of use. The Color Cream (A) has a special-lasting formula of gentle extracts; the Activator (B) has a special formula to ensure a perfect and lasting result; and the Color Lock (C) locks the color.

How was the application? Easy and straightforward. I emptied A into B (applicator bottle) and shook the bottle to mix the formula that creates the color. I parted my hair into many sections and began with the application. To keep things tidy and less messy, I used the Herbatint application kit which comes with a cape and a nifty hair color application brush. (Note: This is also available in Healthy Options.)


It took me around 15 minutes to complete the process from the roots to the ends, and I waited for 30 minutes for the color to develop before washing my hair and using the Color Lock.

How did the color turn out? Awesome! Here are my before and after photos.



What did I like about Naturigin Natural Hair Color?

  • No awful smell: Hair dye usually smells like a mixture of harsh chemicals, and it’s scary to think that you are inhaling that as you dye your hair, especially when you’re pregnant, have sensitive skin, or have allergies. The good thing about this Naturigin product is that it does not smell awful like most other brands. Rather, it has a very faint floral smell.
  • No stinging sensation on scalp: When you have hair dye on your head you often know about it as the scalp feels a little irritated or tingly. This hair dye didn’t irritate my scalp at all. There was no stinging sensation; it just felt like conditioner that had been brushed through my hair.
  • Easy wash: Instead of the usual pools of brownish red dye that streams down the drain, this hair color looks just like shampoo being washed away. I didn’t have to spend ages washing my hair out till the water went clear. The color was so easy to rinse out and much more pleasant. After rinsing out the dye, I just followed up with the Color Lock, a pale green gel that resembles a shampoo, and used the Giovanni hair conditioner to create a silky smooth texture.
  • A pretty, natural shade: My hair has been fully covered, and it feels really healthy and soft. The color looks even and natural. It’s exactly the shade that I wanted
  • All-natural: If you’re thinking of switching up to something natural and safe, look no further. Naturigin hair dye is 100% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free, 100% ammonia free, 100% resorcinol free, 100% parabens free, with 12 natural oils and extracts, with certified organic ingredients, against Animal Testing, and vegan friendly.
Date Published: 08/05/2018
5 / 5 stars


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20 Responses

  1. Candy

    Love the color. Perfect for fall when many people tend to go darker. Easy enough to apply at home.

  2. Pam

    I dye my hair regularly, but I hate the smell of hair dye. THe fact that this one is all natural with no awful smell sounds great to me.

  3. Marcie W.

    I allowed my teen daughter to dye her hair a wild color over the summer, as long as she dyed it back to brown before school started again. This hair color seems fantastic and I love that it’s all natural.

  4. Natalie

    It’s so great to know that there are natural alternatives to boxed chemical dyes. I will definitely look into getting one from this brand if I decide to dye my hair!

  5. Jeanette

    I have used a lot of different home. I products. I love the way my hair looks afterwards and I really love how it feels. I will have to try this brand and see if it works for me

  6. Gisele

    I can relate to dealing with coloring roots. I’m going to check this brand of color out. The last one I used had henna as a main ingredient and it made my hair feel softer than other hair products do.

  7. Amber Myers

    This does look like a great color. Your hair looks amazing! I usually get my hair colored in a salon because I’m always paranoid I’ll accidentally dye it orange or something.

  8. Melissa Chapman

    I go to the salon vey often in fact I am going today and it adds up. This color is so natural and vegan is amazing, I will look for it where I shop.

  9. Sarah Bailey

    This sounds like a really good hair colour brand! It really seems like it has left your hair in good condition and I love the colour shades!

  10. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    A hair dye that doesn’t have an awful smell? Sign me up! I color my hair too but what I don’t like is that awful smell you have to put up with and seeing that this doesn’t have that then it’s a win-win for me.

  11. Carol Cassara

    I love that there are more options for natural hair dyes. I think it turned out quite well plus you don’t have to worry about the chemicals that can damage your hair!

  12. Nikki

    Wow, the color came out awesome! I love that it’s full of dimension. Some home hair coloring is very flat when it’s done. You look amazing!

  13. Tim B

    I like that you included before and after pictures of you actually using the product. Turned out very nice!

  14. Cassie Tucker

    I think the fact that there isn’t an awful smell would be the biggest selling point for me. I love how your hair turned out by the way!

  15. Michelle Cantu

    Oh wow it came out great. Your hair looks so much healthier and vibrant. I definitely need to try Naturigin. I’m always scared to dry out my hair with at home products.

  16. Heather

    That color is so pretty! For the past year I have had allergic reactions to coloring my hair at a salon. My hairdresser has not changed anything but maybe my hormones have changed so my scalp is more sensitive. I’d love to try this!

  17. Jeanine

    I love the colour! I need to get mine done again and only do it at home so this would be great for me!


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