In IBM, we have a weekly contest called “Yehey! It’s Monday!” wherein employees can send their entries through e-mail to answer puzzles posted, questions and other fun trivia regarding anything under the sun.

This week’s challenge is somewhat relevant to this blog’s contents: “Describe your year in one word and elaborate why you chose that word in not more than five to 10 sentences.”

Winners will be given a P500 Bench Fix GC as prize. I’m not thinking about the prize quite so much because of the obvious fact that I can’t use it for myself. 🙂 I just want to compete a little; it’s cool to win. Right? Right.

With deep contemplation and reflection, here was my response:

“Carousel”—of learning, stress and crisis, emotions, uncertainties, opportunities and dreams. “Carousel”–because many things have happened, and the ball hasn’t stopped moving. This year broke tons of things in me; I have to glue them back in. I’ve had experienced both extreme ups and downs. And though the year still isn’t over yet, I’m putting my strongest face on. This year proved to me that I’m still here fighting for all that ever mattered. I’m surprising myself, and in my world, that often doesn’t happen. Every action I used to do was pre-weighed and packaged. But I realized that I’m stronger and more courageous than I give myself credit for. I savored every happy minute of doing what I always wanted to do and I taught myself to finally let go of the unwanted and the superfluous.

In addition, this year, I’ve felt like I’ve changed a lot more than I did the previous years. I used to be distressed on a lot things. Now, I’m still serious, disciplined and driven but I’ve learned that it’s okay to be silly and clumsy sometimes and it’s okay to act without thinking of the entailing consequences for a change. It’s okay to be a little different and it’s okay to be yourself! It’s okay to shake hands with the past, to be childish and playful; I’m just saying.


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