Can’t get enough of milk tea and fruit tea? Infinitea introduces a Family Collection of their milk teas and fruit teas, with their 10th year celebration in the industry. It was founded on the love for tea and fueled by the passion of well-being. So let the fun times roll with 2.5-liter good for 8-10 servings and 5-liter drinks good for 12-16 servings! The packaging is a collapsible and reusable pack. Infinitea Family is available in the following variants:

  • Original Milk Tea – PHP 370 / PHP 680
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea – PHP 430 / PHP 800
  • Premium Okinawa Milk Tea – PHP 470 / PHP 880
  • Chocolate Milk Tea – PHP 425 / PHP 785
  • Jasmine Green Tea with Honey Lemon – PHP 330 / PHP 600
  • Peach Lychee Fruit Tea – PHP 260 / PHP 455

I decided to try their Jasmine Green Tea with Honey Lemon. It’s made with a green tea base flavored with jasmine flower. Mixing honey and lemon adds a soft and silky taste to the drink that strikes out the leafy taste of the tea. The result is a sweet, a bit citrusy, and aromatic tea that’s delicious with a soothing aroma. Hold back your reservations! This drink is refreshing, delicious and calming.

The bright citrus and floral notes of jasmine flowers are clear and strong. Your taste buds will be in for a treat of floral and fruity goodness. Enjoy a glass on your own or serve up a pitcher for your family. For a pretty-looking presentation, garnish with fresh mint, rosemary, basil, lemon, cucumber or other edible flowers and leaves. Add sinkers to explore a new dimension and texture to the drink.



The Family Collection is a great contribution for a potluck party with family and friends. Bring back the Filipino culture of salu-salo this holiday season and exchange not only good stories but also yummy food and drinks with loved ones.

5 liters is quite heavy but our “strong boy,” Lancie, who just turned two, was able to singlehandedly carry it! 😀

Excited to try

Whoops! Sorry, Lance, you can’t have it! 🙂


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