Whenever we travel, we always ask our travel guide and some locals about the cost of living, rent index, salary rates, and consumer prices of common goods in the city. We find it interesting to compare the living expenses of locals in one city and how they usually maintain their lifestyle versus ours and another city in a far different area of the world.

Per the mid-2017 United Nations Population Division, “the United States is home to by far the largest number of Filipinos abroad.” Today, most Filipinos in the U.S. obtain lawful permanent residence through family reunification channels, either as immediate relatives of U.S. citizens or through other family-sponsored channels. Many also get green cards through employment preferences.

From 2012 to 2016, the top four counties by Filipino concentration were Los Angeles and San Diego counties in California, Honolulu County in Hawaii, and Clark County in Nevada. All in all, these counties accounted for 26% of Filipinos in the U.S.

Thinking of moving to a new city with your family?

If you’re planning to relocate to a new city, for instance migrating to Los Angeles in the U.S. or the surrounding area, things can get complicated. That complication compounds nigh-exponentially. You’ll need to plan in advance, and understand exactly what is necessary to provide the best living environment for your family. Asking questions and knowing about the cost of living like we usually do isn’t going to be enough.

If you’ve got the resources and the wherewithal, you may spend a little more money to live in a community that is designed around “green” living principles. This can give your children a good example pertaining to environmental conscientiousness.

One well-regarded Los Angeles community can be explored at this address. According to the site, “Our Greenpoint-rated building offers sustainable design paired with conscientious living. Whether it’s reducing your carbon footprint with our Walk Score of 98, or helping save water with our eco-friendly luxury showers, making a positive influence on your environment has never been so enjoyable.”

That said, you may want to get luxury without the green spin. As a contrast, luxury apartments in San Pedro, CA provide units where: “Luxury, comfort, and impeccable style come together to make The Vue…the perfect place to call home. Our gorgeous community of upscale residences for rent in San Pedro, CO feature thoughtful design and a whole host of exciting extras that make for the perfect living experience.”

Contingencies to Consider

In order to determine which choice truly meets your needs—and in a comprehensive manner—you’ll want to take into account more factors than just the cost or location of your new residence. You also want to take into account trends within the city itself. Sometimes a community is trending up, sometimes it’s not.

There’s always the chance some future community betterment program may sweep in and make a dilapidated urban community into a chic new shopping district where all the property values compound. With a family, banking on such a chance isn’t wise. Also, you want to consider living somewhere the streets can be trusted.

Certainly, your kids can remain within your apartment building whenever they’re at “home,” but they’re going to want to explore, and exploration is good for them. If you’re in an urban environment where opiate-addicted indigents surround your building at the street level, there are some lessons your children may learn earlier than they should.

A better option would be a living in a community where such indigency hasn’t begun to define life at the street level. Sometimes taking a spike in luxury or location is better because of the increased safety your children enjoy.

Education and Planning

Additionally, for reasons of convenience, scheduling, cost-effectiveness, and safety, you want to live somewhere that is relatively near your children’s place of education. Also, that educational facility should—ideally—be one where inner-city difficulties won’t increase the gradient on the uphill relocation climb that’s already ahead of your family.

Ideally, you want your children in a private institution; and there are many fine luxury apartments adjacent to just these types of schools. A quick Google search can help you map out the best possible areas to live in.

Health and Safety

If you or your family have health needs that may require being close to medical facilities or hospitals with specialized care, choose a home that will be most convenient. Accessibility is key; find better options to sustain a good and healthy lifestyle. It will also help to research about the crime rate of the city and the neighborhoods of your prospect home.

Source of Income and Job Opportunities

If possible, it will be best to start applying and look for job opportunities before you move. Know the city’s largest industries and the particular skills that are most needed. Find out about job openings online and make a concrete job hunt plan. List the companies you want to target, start making professional connections (probably through LinkedIn), and pay attention to location as well.

Whether you’re an entry-level, in middle management, or in an executive position, think about long-term options within the industry you’re proficient in and what the city offers in terms of future employment. Most people no longer stay at one job for their entire careers, so you’ll want to consider how your future city stacks up for future job options.

Don’t Forget to Say Goodbye

Finally, before deciding to relocate, it’s best to throw a goodbye party, have a get-together with friends and relatives, or just make sure you say a proper goodbye to the important people in your life. Not only will it help you leave your old city on good terms, but it might unexpectedly reveal connections and opportunities in your new one!


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