Accounting for Factor X

Say you leave your home for a month to vacation somewhere, or to pursue a training program, or a job opportunity that tends to be approached in strategic intervals. You did everything in your power to ensure that the home is properly taken care of, but that year the woodpeckers, termites, and rats don’t care. You come home to some form of infestation!

Securing Emergency Services for Your Home

Well, in such a situation, you would probably want to use the auspices of an emergency pest control solution. It would be better to have the contact information on-hand, than to panic and choose a sub-par solution which ends up costing more than it’s worth.

With that in mind, it’s also worth considering that even though pest control is a pretty considerable issue, it doesn’t hold a candle to other things of an emergency nature which may impact your home unexpectedly. Consider plumbing, for example. Pipes buried underground may burst and flood your basement unexpectedly. After you get the leak fixed, you’ll have to overcome the associated water damage.

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Killing Two Birds with One Stone 

Sometimes, after you’ve had some kind of accident and you’re refurbishing the area affected, it becomes apparent that a remodel is going to be necessary anyway. In these situations, part of accounting for X-factors involves installation of new fixtures that maximize value.

At, you can find a: “…core collection of copper and brass lanterns featur[ing] period reproductions of lighting manufactured in the Carolina and Charleston lantern style, available in gas or electric. At the urging of our designer customers, we also offer many contemporary interior and exterior lighting options as well.” Such quality fixtures repair the problem and provide expanded property value.

Generally, it’s a good idea to make a list of possible emergency scenarios, then go about filling that list with contact information pertaining to contracting agencies and other groups who can help you in a pinch. You’ll want to have the number to your homeowner’s insurance, you’ll want plumbing, HVAC, roofing, window specialists, electricians, pest control, construction contractors and varying experts like those who install lighting fixtures.

The value of making such a list in advance will collaterally result in terms of savings. If you’ve got ten agencies you’ve vetted in terms of price and quality, then it’s conceivable that you’ll save as much as $100 per group. Either the savings will come in property value hikes, better products and services, or directly in terms of costs. That’s $1,000 in savings for an afternoon’s digital footwork using Google and your smartphone.

Potential Asset Preservation 

You could save tens of thousands of dollars in this way. Consider IoT, or the Internet of Things. Now consider the first scenario in this writing which had to do with a month’s absence from your property. You could install monitoring apps controllable from your phone which alert you when something of a possibly X-factor nature is impacting your property, and thus allowing you to immediately notify emergency personnel.

If a video monitor system in the basement registers motion and alerts you immediately, you could stop thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage by calling a neighbor to unlock the door, and having them supervise a water restoration crew as they limit the impact.

In home ownership, unexpected costs are the norm rather than the exception. When you can get ahead of them, you can maintain both your own assets and your property value with greater success.


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