As one of the most popular family vacation spots in Batangas, Club Balai Isabel is packed year-round with fun activities and plenty of accommodation for both adults and children. While it depends on the level of immersion you’re looking for, a vacation here can always be well spent.

The resorts’ amenities are great for those who wish to go on an adventure and get off the beaten path. I’ve narrowed the top 10 things to do in Club Balai Isabel in this other blog post. This time, let’s check out the ambiance of the place from its reception area, rooms, common areas, and discuss our experience of their service and review of the food.

Review of Club Balai Isabel’s Room Accommodation, Service, and Food (Talisay, Batangas)


Located at the heart of Batangas, Club Balai Isabel opens its doors to thousands of tourists yearly as it can accommodate up to 700 guests at a time. The resort features fully-equipped hotel rooms, spacious villas and cozy cottages. We booked weeks earlier via a DealGrocer voucher and asked if we can check in before 2pm (the standard check in time). If prior guests would check out early then we can get our rooms; otherwise, we would have to wait until they’re available.

While passing time, we had breakfast in Isabel’s Panaderia and Pizzeria, watched the view, and played board games. After about two hours, the staff informed us that one of the rooms was freed up. We got our bags from the car, went to Mabini Suites (Balai Mabini) and quickly unpacked.

Checking in at the reception area was a breeze. We reserved three rooms: two Deluxe Rooms and one Superior Room. Since we exceeded the standard room capacity, there’s an additional charge of PhP 1500 per extra person which already includes breakfast and use of facilities and amenities in the resort (except for the Aqua Park, water sports, bike rental, and courts).

The Deluxe Room is at the fourth floor of Mabini Suites. The space is good enough for 3-6 people to stay in (regular capacity is 3 and allowable extra persons is 3). It’s complete with queen-size beds, a tile-floored bathroom with limited toiletries, a mini refrigerator, a kitchen counter, a television set, a working desk, and plenty of cabinets/storage areas to keep bags and belongings. There’s a private balcony where you can wake up to a breathtaking view of the resort’s landscape garden and an “attic area” which also has beds.

My other colleague and I stayed in the Superior Room at the third floor of Bayani Suites. It has the same things as the Deluxe Room but only one queen bed (an a pullout mattress which we didn’t use), since the room is good for only two people to share. Overall, the interior design looked simple and streamlined. Another plus: We couldn’t hear the people in the neighboring rooms, so there was a sense of privacy.

I have a few qualms listed below. While these aren’t a big deal and wouldn’t have completely soured our stay, I think they’re worth mentioning nonetheless.

  • The rooms weren’t too neat (there were very visible cobwebs) and the bed mattresses were too soft and almost uncomfortable for my liking.
  • Only three bath towels were allocated in the Deluxe Room’s toilet and 1 for ours. My friends asked for additional towels since we paid for the extra people’s accommodation anyway, but the staff said we would be charged for them. We said okay, for convenience’s sake. Unfortunately, they never came to us to deliver the towels, so some of us had to share towels. Apologies were not offered, not even at check-out.
  • The shower in the bathroom was reliable for both cold and hot water, but the water pressure from the shower head was weak and wasn’t substantially constant.
  • Some parts of the hallway weren’t well lit. The area from the staircase had good lighting but there was no light at the farther end where our room was located. I always had to use “Torch” (flashlight app in my phone) to see and unlock our door.
  • The air conditioning units worked well except for one which leaked water and caused flood in the room.


Upon entrance, the welcoming staff greeted us with hospitality and showed us the map of the resort. They shared information about the available facilities, costs of packages of tours and activities, free Wi-Fi login credentials (the wireless Internet is accessible only in certain public areas and not in the rooms), and the use of the eco shuttle service which can take us around the villas and compound.

Throughout my exploration of Balai Isabel, the guards I encountered were all helpful in pointing me to right directions. There were lifeguards on duty near the pools to respond to emergencies and spot medical situations to ensure guests’ safety when swimming, but they weren’t at all times present. The front desk staff accommodated my questions well and with enthusiasm.

Now, the cons:

  • Housekeeping was poor. Since it was raining almost the entire time during our stay, the floors were wet. There was no staff mopping the floors of the common areas in the building. Hence, the floors, walkways, and the stairs were slick and slippery. The result may be a higher incidence of accidental slips and fall hazards.
  • Customer service in the in-house restaurant was very slow and inefficient. One of my friends asked for vinegar six times and for the last time, she got fed up and just got the vinegar directly from the kitchen. I asked for water and it was served only after my third followup. Food we ordered came super late in three separate instances: when we had our breakfast in the morning, our lunch, and our snack in the afternoon. Average waiting time can be put as 30 minutes at the minimum.
  • As mentioned above, they didn’t give out extra bath towels for the additional headcount in the room even when requested. Tissue rolls and toiletries also weren’t added considering the extra people paid for.


Club Balai Isabel features an on-site restaurant, Terraza Cafe and Restaurant, that serves Filipino food favorites. We ordered traditional home-cooked meals such as Pork Sisig (PhP 300), Balai Bagnet (PhP 360), and Pork Sinigang, and appetizers like Crispy Calamares (PhP 220) and Cheese Sticks (PhP 180). These were not flat-out yummy but portions were decent for sharing and tastes were palatable enough to satisfy our hunger.

For our mid-day merienda, we had Quattro Formaggi Pizza (PhP 280) which consisted of perocino, gorgonzola, parmesan, and mozarella. It was the best entree among all those we got. It was simple and wonderfully delicious. With creamy and tangy cheeses, it’s the ultimate rich cheese lover’s dream pizza.

The complimentary breakfast buffet was probably one of the purest pleasures of our experience. We savored the breathtaking views of the volcano, lake, and swimming pool from the dining area and enjoyed a wide variety of food selections from the restaurant. Choices were more of Pinoy breakfast food staples like dried fish, eggs (sunny side up, omelet, scrambled, boiled), longganisa, rice (plain and fried rice), potato slices, bread (pan de sal), porridge, rice cakes (kakanin), and also included pancakes, waffles, cereals, cinnamon rolls, and more. The meal was filling and it’s the glorious flavor of vacation.

Price for Value:

The room accommodation, service, and food didn’t pass with flying colors. For the most part, the range of activities you can do and facilities that can be used in the resort make up the value of the price you’re paying for. PhP 1500 per person is a reasonable rate considering the resort’s unbeatable location, essentials, and amenities. Albeit with a few hiccups, Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas is a good and recommended venue for a short vacation, team-building session, or day tour with friends and family without forking out extortionate prices.

Read my previous post for the things you can do in Club Balai Isabel. 🙂

For reservations and inquiries, email or call 02 897-0229 and 0906 518-5494
Date Published: 07/23/2018
3.8 / 5 stars
Review of Club Balai Isabel's Room Accommodation, Service, and Food (Talisay, Batangas)
Price for Value
3.8Overall Score


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20 Responses

  1. Candy

    Everything looks clean and comfortable. Rooms look big with plenty space for everyone to rest and relax.

  2. Tasheena

    This looks like a stunning place to stay at. I love all of the greenery. I also love how spacious the bedroom is.

  3. Glenda Cates

    I liked the desk inside the room and the pool is amazing I wish I was there because it would be a nice place to rest and relax.

  4. GiGi Eats

    Alright, this place doesn’t look terrible to me. However what I would base my rating mostly off is… THE FOOD – hahahah! Cause food is BASICALLY why I travel 😉

  5. Heather

    That looks stunning! Hopefully next time they can keep up with slick floors from rain, but otherwise it looks like a wonderful place to stay at on vacation.

  6. Melissa Chapman

    I love your honest review and it is too bad you had to give it a bad rating in some .important ways. It is warm here and I was imagining the cool tropical breezes there

  7. Mitch Chaitin

    Thanks for this review. I especially love your rating system at the end. You gave a lot of thorough information, that’s what I need when I read other bloggers reviews! Thanks!

  8. wendy

    It is great to hear an honest review. I love the pool and water in the background. That alone would make me happy.

  9. Cherri Megasko

    I have yet to visit the Philippines but it is certainly on my list. This place looks lovely and very accommodating. It is a beautiful part of the world and I really do hope to visit someday.

  10. Sarah Bailey

    What an interesting looking place to go and stay, it is a shame it wasn’t as clean as it should be! Things like webs should 100% be removed! But it does sound like it has some real plus sides!

  11. Penny Christensen

    How exotic! Yes, there are always some trade-offs in these travels, but I value the heads up and would manage my expectations because of your review.

  12. Shell Feis

    That’s crazy about the towels! It looks like a very nice place but having lots of cobwebs would freak me out, too.

  13. Chubskulit Rose

    Is 1,500 per night? As long as it is clean, the price seems okay. Nothing really upsets me is poor service so I don’t think this would work for me.

    • Rochkirstin Santos-Sioco

      Yes, that’s the rate per person. I think it price has fair value considering all the things you can do here. The staff were kind and hospitable, but they just have to beef up on their service efficiency. Maybe hiring more people or giving them more training will help.

  14. Heather

    Sounds like a great choice when visiting. With a larger family, it’s good to know we can all be accommodated in one room.

  15. Anosa Malanga

    The place looks nice and maybe I would agree with you. So probably my rating would be the same too. I like places with good ambiance and of course good food too.


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