June marked the start of the rainy season this year. Worst things can happen, of course, when you’re planning to go to a beach, resort, or a swimming pool for a short weekend getaway. There isn’t much to do indoors when a vacation is ruined by unforeseen circumstances brought by bad weather. As we checked the weather forecast report, we went to Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas expecting rains to come down in buckets. We just crossed our fingers for sunny blue skies at least in the morning so we could still enjoy our mini excursion in this fastest-growing resort south of Metro Manila.

Club Balai Isabel’s amenities and facilities make it an excellent choice for holidays, corporate events, and special occasions. Right on the shores of the world-famous Taal Lake and across from its volcano, this is a place where you can relax, connect and be with nature. Club Balai Isabel offers an option for an active lifestyle with all the comforts of city living. We spent two days here and were wowed with the many activities people can engage in.

If you’re thinking of going on an excursion, a team-building, or a staycation with your friends, family, or colleagues, here are the top 10 things you can do in this lakeside resort. There’s no dull moment!

Top 10 Things to Do in Club Balai Isabel (Talisay, Batangas)

1. Enjoy the View

While most people love the crash of waves and the feel of salt on their skin when swimming in the water, for me, it’s all about the calmness of the scene. Staying at a lakeside resort is a good chance to conjure images of the beauty of the lake, the nearby Taal Volcano, and just nature everywhere. The lush greenery and the proximity to the lake make Club Balai Isabel a great destination for sightseeing, taking pictures, and doing other thrilling activities. If weather permits, you could also catch a wonderful sunset.

2. Hike or Trek

Speaking of “thrilling,” adventure-seekers and hiking enthusiasts can have an exciting adventure kayaking and trekking to the volcano. Club Balai Isabel is one of the best jump-off points to reach the Taal Volcano, aside from the fact that the resort itself is bursting with vegetation. My teammates spent around 45 minutes to reach the crater and it’s an easy feat. Even kids can come along and join their parents to the top. There’s also an option to rent a horse to go on a guided ride so it’s easier to reach the top of the volcano.

3. Swim

Families can enjoy the swimming facilities in Club Balai Isabel. Aside from the lake, there are three large swimming pools in different areas where people could cool off and take a dip for fun or fitness. This place features an infinity pool (Terraza pool), a spacious 500 sq.m. pool (Kumintang pool) and a secluded garden pool (Talisay pool). Public comfort rooms are available so guests can take a shower without having to go back to their villas or rooms.

4. Play Water Sports

Other than swimming, guests can play a multitude of lake water sports. We didn’t try these since it was raining most of the time and the waves were too strong. In any case, Club Balai Isabel offers a range of water sports equipment such as kayaks, jet skis and pedal boats. You can go wakeboarding, boat-riding, motor-boating, paraw-sailing, or go flyfishing in Taal Lake. Inquire for updated rates from the front desk (reception area) if you want to try them, but here are their estimated rates so far for your reference:

  • Kayak: PhP 150 per hour for the single-seater and PhP 300 per hour for the double-seater
  • Pedal Boat: PhP 500 per hour
  • Jet Ski: PhP 2000 for 30 minutes or PhP 3500 per hour
  • Fly Fish: PhP 500-700 per hour
  • Banana Boat: PhP 300-350 for 15 minutes
  • Speed Boat: PhP 6000 per hour

5. Play Sports and Games

Club Balai Isabel also has sports and gaming facilities for sports and gaming enthusiasts alike. Facilities include a basketball, tennis and volleyball court, which are also useful in team-building activities. These courts can be rented out for free for an hour. PhP 500 for electricity will only be charged for those who want to play at night. If you don’t want to spend too much energy, pub games such as billiards (PhP 100 per hour) and darts are also available.

6. Bike

Club Balai Isabel is a big compound and has plenty of areas where you can bike. Bicycles for kids and adults can be rented (at different rates according to the type you choose), so you can leisurely cycle your way around the resort, check the landscapes, explore the area, and experience its tranquility while having a good cardio workout. Don’t know how to bike? Run, jog, or walk instead. 🙂

5. Try the Floating Aqua Park

Want try to obstacles while in an inflatable? Then head out to the Aqua Park at the far end of the resort. It’s the largest inflatable water park in Philippines, floating just off the shore of Taal Lake. It’s a popular attraction and a must-try activity in Club Balai Isabel. For checked-in guests, entrance fee is PhP 1250 per head for four hours use and PhP 450 per head for an hour use of the aqua park.

Kids below 13 years old are not allowed to enter since the obstacles may be difficult for them. These obstacles must be successfully crossed so you can go from one section to another. Giant water slides, wobbly platforms, a human cannonball launcher, huge trampolines, and other challenging pit stops await. Expect to fall into the water several times if you can’t manage a good balance. If you don’t know how to swim, there’s no need to be afraid since you’ll all be wearing life vests and there are guides who are there to help. Proper swimming outfit is required.

6. Pray in the Chapel

Tucked away in the outskirts of the resort, the Spousal of Mary and Joseph Chapel is a magnificent church designed for individuals who seek a peaceful setting for a solemn retreat. The chapel’s rustic architecture is inspired by old churches built in the olden days. The wood and cement façade complements the peaceful garden, with a stone fountain strategically located in front of the church.

It was dark when I went inside to take a peek, and there was no mass at that time. Still, it’s not hard to see its exquisite interiors with high white ceilings, stained glass windows and open side walls framed with wood. The structure is filled with wooden finish pews and simple chandeliers from the ceiling.

7. Spa

A getaway destination should be able to fulfill the needs of a vacationer and provide a complete relaxation package. Club Balai Isabel ensures that each guest is well-attended, offering various spa treatments and therapies that would help the individual detoxify from busy daily living and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Neola Modern Thai and Nail Spa is also inside the same compound.

8. Dine in the Restaurants

Club Balai Isabel showcases the best of Philippine local ingredients to deliver an exquisite meal to guests. Located at the resort’s club house, the Terraza Café and Restaurant provides an array of local and international cuisine. The menu highlights traditional home-cooked meals. Bestsellers include bulalo, tawilis, and Kapeng Barako (strong coffee) or Tsokolateng Ala E! (native hot chocolate).

As part of our stay, breakfast buffet was included. We had breakfast here and food selections were ample and pretty satisfying.

9. Buy Souvenirs from the Gift Shops

While you’re busy with activities, don’t forget to check out the gift shops where you can buy personal gifts and mementos (pasalubong) for your loved ones back home.

10. Relax Outdoors or Indoors

Equipped with villas and cottages, Club Balai Isabel has spacious grounds where you can find a quiet space. Spend a chill afternoon and go people-watching, play board games, or chitchat in your own time at this serene paradise. In the evening, find entertainment at the Sampaguita Videoke Bar, where you can belt out your favorite songs. Feeling exhausted? You can always de-stress and relax in your room.

Wrap Up

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Club Balai Isabel is only about three hours away from Manila. This peaceful 14-hectare property offers a prime haven for relaxation and communing with nature in Talisay, Batangas. The fact that there is always something for everyone is what makes Club Balai Isabel so attractive. To learn more about Club Balai Isabel’s accommodations, services, promos, and other offerings, check out their website, email them at info@balaiisabel.cm or contact them at any of these numbers

  • Makati Office (Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-2PM): 02 897-0229, 02 895-7230, 0906 518-5491, 0905 344-0908, 0916 657 2307
  • Batangas Office (Monday-Sunday, 8AM-7PM): 0906 518-5494

How to get there:

Option 1: From South Super Highway (via Tagaytay)

Take the Sta. Rosa Exit and turn right.
Follow the main road leading to Tagaytay. When you reach Tagaytay, you will come to an intersection.
Turn justify at the intersection.
Go straight until you see a public elementary school on your justify and a road named Ligaya Drive on your right.
Turn right at Ligaya Drive. Follow the road down to Talisay. Please exercise caution: this is a steep road.
When you reach the bottom of the road you will come to an intersection. Turn justify at this intersection.
You will pass a bridge. Club Balai Isabel is 200 meters from this bridge on the right side. If you see a second bridge, then you have gone past the resort.

Option 2: From South Super Highway

On South Luzon Expressway, simply go straight past the end of the highway and straight to the STAR Tollway.
Go up the ramp at the Tanauan City exit and turn right. You are now on the National Highway
Follow the road going to Talisay.
When you reach the town proper of Talisay, go straight ahead.
Club Balai Isabel is 500 meters from the town proper on your justify side. If you see the second bridge, then you have gone past the resort.

Option 3: Public Transportation

Go to the bus terminal in Buendia-Taft, across Atrium hotel. Bus liners Tritran and Jam offers the trip going to Lipa,Tanauan, Batangas City.
Take the bus with the sign board Lipa, Tanauan, Batangas City. It will cost you around P70-P80 pesos per person.
Get off at Tanauan town proper bus terminal. Once you get off, you will see the tricycles beside the bus terminal.
Take the tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to the Talisay jeepney terminal besides Mc Donalds Tanauan. It will cost you P8 per person.
When you have reached the jeepney terminal, take the ride with the signboard TALISAY. It will cost you P 20 per person.
You will reach the town proper of Talisay, the jeep will stop near the church of Talisay.
Take the tricycle at the terminal near the church where you get off. Ask the driver to bring you to Cub Balai Isabel. It will cost you P8.00 per person, if you wish to take the trip alone and not wait for other passengers, be prepared to pay P 24.00.
The tricycle will bring you to Club Balai Isabel.


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  1. Candy

    All ten things sound great. We probably won’t ever get there to see in person. Enjoyed reading about and seeing photos

  2. Melissa Chapman

    That looks like a great place for a vacation especially if it does not rain. T.he views would occupy me as well as that beautiful pool

  3. Glenda Cates

    Beautiful and the perfect place to go on a Vacation. I could see my son and I living in the water and never want to get out.

  4. Heather

    Wow! I hate when rain foils a plan. We had this happen recently on a trip to see Mount Rushmore. We still saw it the next day, with clear skies but it did take a little time off our itinerary where we planned to fit in some other events that couldn’t take place until the next day.

  5. Jeanette

    I know this is cheesy…but I’ve wanted to go here since I saw Eat Pray Love! The white air filled water park floating on water looks surreal. I love all the palm trees too. This is definitely bucket list stuff!

  6. Ave

    What a beautiful place to visit! Looks like there is something to do for every taste! I know that my daughter would really love the Floating Aqua Park and I would like to try out the spa and the restaurants too!


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