Gifts, days off work, drinking booze in the middle of the day – these are some of the greatest parts of the holiday season. Also, chow time and family time! If you still don’t know where to go, check out Kusina Juan Republika in Paligsahan, Quezon City. Their specialty? Kapampangan food with a twist!

Established in May 2016, this Filipino restaurant prides itself with serving home-cooked Pinoy favorites, the way your mom does it, with TLC (Tender Loving Care). It’s a recommended a venue for gatherings, be it special celebrations or simple meetups with family and friends, where the ambiance is “home away from home.” There’s a huge selection of dishes from appetizers, entrees, soup, noodles, rice, and sets, so you can expect a delicious and exciting meal whenever you come.

Review of Kusina Juan Republika (Paligsahan, Quezon City)

Kusina Juan Republika serves great, fairly priced Filipino food and always guarantees you won’t leave at all hungry. The waitstaff is set on making sure you have an excellent time, Christmas, holiday or otherwise.

Our meal started out with a serious helping of Sizzling Balut (PhP 190)- preserved duck eggs cooked in an appetizing sauce. Try this Filipino delicacy if you’re into exotic food. Built a bit like a parfait, you have the egg white at the bottom, the duck in the middle and then the yolk in layers.

Do not miss the Krispy Pata (PhP 495). A porcine obsession of many Filipinos, the deep-fried pork knuckles had a great separation of fat and lean, with a pleasant, firm texture. The pork struck a balance between tenderness and chew and showed off a wonderfully crisp exterior to boot. It’s quite good when eaten alone but better with vinegar and chili sauce for a touch of tartness and a more balanced taste.

My mom dearly loves grilled catfish or “Inihaw na Hito” (PhP 220), and we’re glad it didn’t have a muddy taste. It was our first time to try it with Buro’t Mustasa. Buro is a local delicacy of Pampanga which is made of fermented rice. It has a pungent smell and is usually paired with fried food like pork, chicken, and fish. Mustasa refers to preserved or pickled mustard greens. It’s definition a good option to eat catfish with this condiment, but I still think that the classic combination of vinegar and soy sauce would work well with the catfish.

I’m usually not a fan of sisig, but even I must admit that Kusina Juan Republika’s sisig isn’t bad. They actually offer two versions: one is Sisig ala Manila (PhP 195) which came out crunchier and the other is Sisig ala Pampanga (PhP 195) made with grilled pork with fresh onions, chicken liver, and fresh chili pepper.

A Filipino meal just wouldn’t seem complete without some sort of rice. In this case, ordering Pinakbet Rice with Seafoods (PhP 180) would be for your maximum pleasure. It had an abundance of varying flavors at play. The cast iron pan was loaded with a vibrant mix of seafoods, vegetables, and fluffy grains of rice that were powerfully flavored. The sweet, briny flavor of the mussels and the delicate flavor of the squid shone throughout the dish and was enjoyed by all.

Kusina Juan Republika is located at the same compound (or “food park,” if you will) as Bento & Co, Urbanidad Cafe, Little Winehaus, Open Table, Adelaida’s Delicacies, 5YNCO Bar, and Brewology Cafe. They offer “menu sharing.” This means that you can get food from other establishments within these restaurants whenever you’re seated. Ask one of the staff for the menu and request to have desserts or drinks served at your location, at no additional service fee.

Kusina Juan Republika has also been featured in Taste Buddies (GMA News TV). Watch the video here:

Upper Ground Level, 2 Lazcano corner Scout Magbanua and Mother Ignacia, Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City
For inquiries, call (02) 273 1767 or 0917 2539429
4.5 / 5 stars

Review of Kusina Juan Republika (Paligsahan, Quezon City)
Price for Value
4.5Overall Score


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