I miss eating in restaurants and I’ve been craving for some really good seafood. Thankfully, there’s quite a lot of seafood platters available now for delivery. One that caught our attention was SEAFOODAFFORDABLE which my mom discovered through their Facebook Marketplace post. Their platters are perfect for any kind of celebration. You can skip the inconvenience to cook, prepare, and source all ingredients. 😉 Let’s support our local vendors while tucking into good, affordable and finger-licking seafood at home!

True to its name, SEAFOODAFFORDABLE serves affordable scrumptious seafood delights:


  • ₱540 SEAFOODAFFORDABLE: 3pcs CRABS + 10-12 pcs SHRIMPS with Mussels and Sweetcorn
  • ₱640 SEAFOODS FAMILY PLATTER: 4pcs CRABS + 15pcs SHRIMPS with Mussels and Sweetcorn
  • ₱840 SEAFOODS BARKADA MUKBANG: 5pcs CRABS + 30pcs SHRIMPS with Mussels and Sweetcorn


  • ₱540 CRABS & SHRIMPS BUDGET PLATTER: 4pcs CRABS + 15pcs SHRIMPS with Sweetcorn
  • ₱640 CRABS & SHRIMPS FAMILY PLATTER: 5pcs CRABS + 15pcs SHRIMPS with Sweetcorn
  • ₱840 CRABS & SHRIMPS BARKADA MUKBANG: 6pcs CRABS + 30pcs SHRIMPS with Sweetcorn


  • ₱540 SHRIMPS FEAST: 30pcs SHRIMPS + Sweetcorn


  • ₱540 CRABS FEAST: 6pcs CRABS + Sweetcorn

📌 All PLATTERS comes up with buttered garlic combination of sweet and spicy sauce. Order extra sauce for only P15 per cup. SEAFOODAFFORDABLE accepts orders one day before your preferred delivery date.

For my sister’s birthday, we feasted on the Seafoods Family Platter (good for 4 people to share). Topped with their tasty sauce, the flavors of the seafoods were intact and naturally sweet as they’re supposed to be. If you’re ready to surf and slurp your seafood-ganza while staying safe at home, have your tables and bibs ready, because your dine-ins are about to get a whole lot of fun without damaging your wallet.


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