Some of us don’t enjoy air travel very much. Others among us have an outright fear of it. For more and more of us who are stressed and living in a world that’s already too fast, well they just want to take it slower. I want to propose that it’s far more rewarding to take a Lummi Island ferry, train or car than to hurtle across the sky in a germ-infested capsule with fixed wings. How about we get back to enjoying the journey and not just the destination?

The Benefits of Avoiding Air Travel

Relaxed Journeys

Whether it’s dining in the buffet car on the train, enjoying the sea breeze in your hair on the front deck of a ferry or watching the fresh country view roll past your window; ferries, trains, and coaches offer an uplifting experience to remember;  rather than just a means of getting to your destination. The services and facilities available on these transport options are wonderful, especially on ferries where extensive restaurants, cabins, cinemas, and other entertainment options are found. It’s almost like taking a mini-cruise!

Low Prices, Greener Travel

With the rising costs and environmental implications of air travel being highlighted in recent years, fuel surcharges are commonplace for flights these days. Coaches, ferries, and trains are far less polluting and not as affected by rising fuel costs. You needn’t feel as bad about taking these forms of transport. You should also consider alternative accommodation solutions when travelling to get the most out of your travel budget.

For large groups of passengers, there are further savings to be had. On many ferries, you’ll pay once for the vehicle and then add only small costs for extra passengers. On some ferries, trains, and coaches, you can get great discounts on group bookings.

Generous Luggage Limits and Fast Check-Ins

The ability to bring your own car on a ferry is wonderfully convenient. Once you’ve driven your vehicle off the ferry you can immediately hit the road and explore your destination at leisure – without the large cost and inconvenience of having to hire an unfamiliar car. But the most wonderful benefit is that you don’t need to check the weight of your suitcase and there won’t be excess luggage costs. When taking a ferry, you can just pack your entire car and go!

Yes, the actual flight time is bound to be less, but all the queuing and waiting and walking to faraway gates and the isn’t very appealing. When it comes to ferries, trains, and coaches, usually you only need to be there 30 minutes in advance to check-in.

Do It For The Kids

It’s great to be able to offer your kids a variety of experiences in life and travelling should be a fun and memorable experience. Sitting strapped into an airplane seat is no way to make new memories or meet new friends. Often ferries especially have summer entertainment in the form of face painters, live music, etc. Some ferries even allow pets for an even more wholesome experience for the kids. Even when there’s nothing special on, they can take advantage of the usual kid-friendly facilities, like cinemas and play areas.


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