Over the years, technology has evolved from being that of caveman status to putting useful information, tools, and resources at our fingertips with a simple tap or swipe. If you sit back and think about it, the internet was a luxury that only a few households had. Kids today wouldn’t even be able to imagine a world without the internet.

A study done by the (ITU) International Telecommunications Union showed that over 47% of people in the world have access to the internet and Europe has the highest number of users. With the internet being such a huge part of our daily lives, it can seem like it’s really taken over our lives… and to be quite honest, it truly has.

Tap Instead of Talk

There was a point in time where you had to send letters to people as the only form of communication. As technology advanced, we were able to use telephones. Telephones were a form of communication that forced people to have conversations with each other outside of being face to face with someone… those were the days.

Now you can communicate with someone with just a few taps for a text message. To take it a step further, communication has been shortened even more with abbreviations:

  • WYD- What are you doing
  • IDK- I don’t know
  • HRU- How are you
  • TTYL- Talk to you later
  • OMW- On my way

Text messaging is the most popular way to communicate among the younger generations. There are definitely pros and cons associated with it. For one, it allows you to communicate with someone when you’re not able to actually talk on the phone. On the other hand, it has replaced verbal communication altogether for some people.

No More Standing in Long Lines

If you can believe it, people used to stand in long lines to pay bills, shop, and transfer money! Now we have the capabilities to pay bills while watching TV, shop from your bed, and send money while enjoying a hot cup of joe. Apps have made all of this possible.

Top Money Transfer Apps

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Cash App

Ease of Shopping

From groceries to high-heel shoes, technology has allowed us to shop without having to leave our home. There are several apps and websites to choose from that allow you to pick out the items you want and put it in a digital shopping cart. Once you have the items you want, you simply input your credit/debit card information and just wait to get your items!

Stress-Free Bill Pay

We now have the ease of paying our bills by simply tapping “Submit.” Companies now are making paying bills easier and more convenient for customers by way of apps. A lot of credit card companies and even banking apps allow you to pay your bill through the app.

This helps customers avoid late payments and keeps them from having to stand in long lines. The greatest convenience of paying bills online is that it’s immediate. You once had to pay bills by check and wait for the check to clear in your account! A fact that’s unheard of now!

A New Form of Fun

The way we used to watch TV, listen to music, watch movies, and play video games is definitely a thing of the past. The internet has introduced this thing called streaming. Ever since streaming was introduced, the way we enjoy online entertainment will never be the same.

Video Games

The evolution of gaming has come so far. It used to be you had one controller and one TV to play from. Now you can play with multiple players and play from a PC, not just a game console! There are even new ways to play the games! You’re no longer justify with the option of console controllers… You can now play tactical games with a PC keyboard and a gaming mouse with great performance and sensors.


The advancements in technology now allow you to stream TV, music, and movies. Trips to Blockbuster Video and Hollywood video are long gone for movie entertainment at home. Meanwhile, the internet has taken our TV experience to a whole new level. You now have the capabilities to pause a show if you need to step away from the TV/computer for a bit, and you can also rewind a show if you think you missed something.


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