You have been in a relationship for quite some time, but now you are formally engaged. Your love is now officially your fiancé. Congratulations! According to a study conducted in 2015, the normal length of an engagement is around 14.5 months. Some people get married in a month, other engagement last years. Engagements are a magical time for a couple as they dream of the future.

More than just a venue to exchange their vows, a wedding is a ceremony shared between the couple,  God, and the people closest to their hearts. Most people only want to get married one time, well that is the dream, so it is important to make all necessary preparation and attention to all the details.

Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding. It needs to be promising, memorable, if not dreamy, not only for you as a couple but also for the guests. It is not like you want to impress them, but see it as a way to reciprocate the time and effort they gave to attend your very special day.

Here are some wedding details that can impress your guests.

It’s all about the dress

You will be the very center of attention on your wedding day. All eyes will be on both of you. One way to impress is through your dress. There is a reason why parents and friends cry when the ladies have chosen their wedding dress on the TV show “Say Yes To The Dress.” Apart from being dramatic, seeing a person you know so dearly in a wedding dress stirs up emotions in you because you know their life is about to change. You will no longer be a daughter or a friend, but will also be a wife.

To dress to impress you need to choose the dress that you feel most comfortable with. It needs to be your style, the one that makes you feel the best. This isn’t the time to try out an extreme style. This is your time and your dress.

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Lighting sets the tone

Not many couples pay attention to this detail, but the lighting in your wedding venue can impact the overall vibe in your ceremony. It can also add class and a sense of luxury when perfectly blended and planned. In addition, a well-lighted venue can also be an element to make your wedding photos stunning. You are not the only one who is going to enjoy pictures. Your guest will likely be delighted with the no-filter beauty of your venue and will be posting in their social media all-throughout the night.

Venue is important

Location, location, location, that is what most businessmen think in order to have a prosperous business but it can also be applied for you to have a successful wedding day. You do not have to settle to just a church wedding or a hotel ballroom. Nowadays, your options are very wide like

  • garden
  • beach
  • vineyard
  • farm
  • mansion

It should be an amazing place somewhere in your area that both you and your soon-to-be spouse are fond of, maybe that is the place you can showcase to your guest. The trend these days are going for the outdoors. Imagine exchanging vows with a beautiful lake view and hillside as a backdrop.


Food is an important component on any occasion, especially at a wedding because there is the reception. Think of unique ways to serve your food. Maybe you could have an ice cream sundae bar or a chocolate fountain. You could even have cotton candy. The point is that you don’t have to serve traditional food. Serve what you like to eat and have a little fun with it.


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