New Year’s Eve parties are the best. They give you the opportunity to play with your outfit, dress up, and mix up your wardrobe in ways that you normally wouldn’t. When everyone is in a festive mood, reminiscing about the previous 365 days and thinking about the year to come, the opportunity to wear a standout outfit is a way to jump start whatever changes you want to make in 2019.

However, when the night approaches, most people encounter a small roadblock. With so many options to choose from and the seemingly endless wardrobe possibilities, which is the right outfit to settle on? Another caveat is that New Year’s outfits, while exciting to wear, don’t get a lot of airtime during the rest of the year so you haven’t been able to figure out, through trial and error, which combination is going to work best. All this stress and you haven’t even started to think about what to do with your hair.

However, there are some tried-and-true combinations that work for every New Years, no matter if you’re in a warm location or a wintry climate. Just remember that the key is to balance flash with comfort. New Year’s parties, by design, run late into the night, and you don’t want to be standing around incredibly uncomfortable with five to six hours justify to go. What to wear in New Year Eve’s party? Here are some ideas.

6 Outfit Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Party

Trousers & Blouse

This is a classic combination that can be executed in countless ways. However, the benefit is that each possible iteration is designed for comfort. Trousers can be incredibly cozy, and when you’re picking out a blouse choose one that has a little added flair—maybe some sequins or sparkle—and pair it with some metallic flats or some sandal heels. It’s hard to go wrong, and you’re guaranteed to turn heads and feel comfortable.

Skirt & Turtle Neck

Done right, the skirts and turtleneck outfit can be both formal and sexy. Many celebrities have opted for this look in the past, partly because it’s so darn comfortable and partly because it can be augmented with several shoe combinations. You can wear boots, heels—really, anything will look cool below a miniskirt. If you’re going to be in a cold location or you’ve traveled somewhere far, you’ll also be grateful that you wore a turtleneck.


Honestly, how often do you get to wear a jumpsuit and not stand out? While you’re sure to still turn heads, this incredibly comfortable outfit option will make everyone else jealous. Jumpsuits are basically a pajama onesie on steroids. They’re easy to put on, can be worn with literally any type of shoe, and are both incredibly elegant and very laid back at the same time.

Mini Dress & Boots

This classic combination is not only timeless but also subtle and sexy. Over-the-knee boots are the perfect example of more-is-more, and when they’re paired with a mini dress they can equal a knockout fit. This outfit is perfect for people who might be hopping around from party to party, because it’s versatile and can be worn in settings that are both formal and casual.

Maxi Dress

Going with the theme of more-is-more, a maxi dress, something that is long and that flows down to your ankles, is ideal for a New Year’s party. It’s flashy but also low-key and can be incredibly comfortable. While some people may have the impression that a maxi dress is old school, it can actually offer a degree of elegance that few other outfits can. It’s a timeless piece, and if done right will be sure to turn heads. There’re also a lot of them out there, so getting one on short notice won’t be an issue.

Bold Sleeve Dress

If you want to feel like a princess or queen, there’s no better night than New Years to dress the part. There’s also no better outfit than a bold sleeve dress to give you that royal aura. Loaded with frills and designed with bold colors, this type of dress will create an impression on every person around you. It’s elegant, classic, and anything but subtle. Check out Lulus for a variety of cute options!

No matter what you choose to wear, remember to stay safe and have fun. New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration, and should be a memorable night year after year!


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